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This module contains review questions and answers keyed to the module titled Java3022: Scaling, Rotating, and Translating Images using Affine Transforms.

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This module contains review questions and answers keyed to the module titled Java3022: Scaling, Rotating, and Translating Images using Affine Transforms .

The questions and the answers are connected by hyperlinks to make it easy for you to navigate from the question to the answer and back again.


Question 1 .

Given the input image in Figure 1 , which of the following output images is produced by the code in Listing 1 ?

A. Figure 2

B. Figure 3

Listing 1 - Question 1.
/*File Java3022ra Copyright 2013 R.G.Baldwin Revised 02/17/13*********************************************************/ import java.awt.Graphics2D;import java.awt.geom.AffineTransform; import java.awt.geom.Rectangle2D;import java.awt.Graphics; public class Java3022ra{public static void main(String[] args){new Java3022raRunner().run(); }//end main method}//end class Java3022ra //======================================================//class Java3022raRunner{ public void run(){procPix(new Picture("Prob01.jpg").scale(0.7,0.7),-30); }//end run//----------------------------------------------------// private void procPix(Picture pic,double angle){AffineTransform xformA = new AffineTransform(); xformA.rotate(Math.toRadians(angle),pic.getWidth()/2,pic.getHeight()/2); Rectangle2D rectangle2D =pic.getTransformEnclosingRect(xformA); int resultWidth = (int)(rectangle2D.getWidth());int resultHeight = (int)(rectangle2D.getHeight()); AffineTransform xformB = new AffineTransform();xformB.translate((resultWidth - pic.getWidth())/2, (resultHeight - pic.getHeight())/2);xformB.concatenate(xformA); Picture result = new Picture(resultWidth,resultHeight); Graphics2D g2 = (Graphics2D)result.getGraphics();g2.drawImage(pic.getImage(),xformB,null); result.explore();}//end //----------------------------------------------------//}//end class Java3022raRunner

Figure 1 - Prob01.jpg.

Image of a beach scene.

Figure 2 - Possible output image.

Image of a beach scene scaled slightly and rotated 30 degrees clockwise.

Figure 3 - Possible output image.

Image of a beach scene scaled more and rotated 30 degrees counter-clockwise.

Answer 1



What is the meaning of the following two images?

This image was inserted here simply to insert some space between the questions and the answers to keep them from being visible on the screen at thesame time.

The image is also an example of the kinds of things that we do in my course titled ITSE 2321, Object-Oriented Programming.

Spacer image of a rabbit and a penguin.

This image was also inserted for the purpose of inserting space between the questions and the answers.

Spacer image of a penguin in the snow in front of some houses.


Answer 1

The code in Listing 1 produces the output image shown in Figure 3 .

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