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2. The advertisement

  • Devise and plan a radio advertisement, advertising a special event happening at the school, e.g. the African Dance of ‘Activities for the Learner’, Grade 9 Module 4 Learning Unit 2.
  • The following aspects must be taken into consideration when planning this advertisement:
  • There has to be a script.
  • Who is doing the voice over (dialogue) for the advertisement?
  • Is there going to be music? if so, what?
  • Will special effects be used?
  • How long is the advertisement going to be? (not more than 60 seconds).
  • Who will be the director?
  • Who will be the producer?
  • Who is going to record the advertisement?
  • Is there recording equipment available for this project?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Date, time and venue of the performance have to be included in the planning.
  • Divide into groups.
  • Plan, write and produce an advertisement for the “African Dance” of Learning Unit 2, Grade 9 Module 4: Dance.
  • Select the advertisement from the class you would like to broadcast – there can be more than one.


  • Broadcast the winning advertisements over the school intercom to advertise the dance.

Hints for producing a radio advertisement:

Discuss with your group what the ‘feel’ of the advertisement will be.

Select the information you would like to convey – time, date, venue, etc.

Select the special sound effects – if any.

Select the background music.

Write the script.

Select the person(s) who is(are) going to do the voice-over.

Keep your target audience in mind.

Be creative!

Have fun!

Hints for recording a radio advertisement:

Experiment with distance from the microphone (far-away sounds).

Experiment with loud and soft sounds – that includes the voice-over, music and special effects.

Do you want the music to be in the background or a prominent feature?


Learning Outcome(LOs)
LO 1
creating, interpreting and presentingThe learner will be able to create, interpret and present work in each of the art forms.
Assessment Standards(ASe)
We know this when the learner:
1.1 participates in the choreography and presentation of a short dance for a performance or cultural event;1.2 in preparing the body, accurately performs a set warm-up and skill-building sequence, including body conditioning and dance technique in a particular style;1.3 moves across space in movement sequences with co-ordination, musicality, quality, style, balance and control;1.4 learns and performs, with appropriate style and movement quality, works choreographed by others from at least two cultures, which may be:
1.4.1 classical / traditional (African, Eastern or Western);
1.4.2 contemporary;
1.5 creates a dance that fuses steps or styles from more than one South African dance form with a clear beginning, middle and ending.
1.6 conducts a simple warm-up routine with the class;1.7 participates in an aspect of planning, organising, advertising, marketing, fund-raising or producing a dramatic item for an audience;


Activity 1

With this module you have to guide the learners to be able to conduct a warm-up routine for the class. It is important they keep the following aspects of the warm-up in mind when planning their warm-up routine:

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