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  • a) (i) 1 8 size 12{ { { size 8{1} } over { size 8{8} } } } {} / 12 , 5 100 size 12{ { { size 8{"12",5} } over { size 8{"100"} } } } {} / 125 1000 size 12{ { { size 8{"125"} } over { size 8{"1000"} } } } {}

(ii) 3 20 size 12{ { { size 8{3} } over { size 8{"20"} } } } {}

  1. 15

( 1 4 size 12{ { { size 8{1} } over { size 8{4} } } } {} of 60)

  1. 9


22.2 a) 1 10 size 12{ { { size 8{1} } over { size 8{"10"} } } } {} of 24 = 2,4

2 hour 24 minutes

b) Fieldwork


c) 1 8 size 12{ { { size 8{1} } over { size 8{8} } } } {}

  1. 3,6 hour

3 hour 36 minutes

Leaner section


Activity: pie graph with percentage (%) [lo 2.6, lo 5.8, lo 5.9]


22.1 Study the following pie graph with a friend and then answer the questions that follow:

The music taste of a Grade 7 class:

a) What fraction of the learners likes

(i) classical music? .........................

(ii) spiritual music? .........................

b) If there are 60 learners in the class, how many listen to “rap”?

c) What is the difference between the number of learners who listen to “Boere” music and to “rap”?

d) What kind of music is your favourite?

22.2 Now look at this pie graph that shows the South African cricket team’s daily routine. Answer the following questions:

a) How many hours each day is allowed for relaxing?

b) What do they spend the equal amount of time on?

c) What fraction of the day is spent on bowling practise?

d) How many hours per day are allocated to fitness exercises?


Can you draw a column graph from one of the pie graphs?

24. Time for self-assessment

  • Tick the applicable block:
I can calculate % of amounts (15.1 – 15.3).
I can write one amount as a % of another amount (16.1 – 16.3).
I can calculate % discount.
I can calculate % increase.
I can calculate profit.
I can calculate loss.
I can calculate VAT on items.
I can interpret pie graphs and answer questions based on them.
I can draw a column graph.


Learning Outcome 2: The learner will be able to recognise, describe and represent patterns and relationships, as well as to solve problems using algebraic language and skills.

Assessment Standard 2.6: We know this when the learner describes a situation by interpreting a graph of the situation, or draws a graph from a description of a situation (e.g. height of a roller-coaster car over time; the speed of a racing car going around a track);

Learning Outcome 5: The learner will be able to collect, summarise, display and critically analyse data in order to draw conclusions and make predictions, and to interpret and determine chance variation.

Assessment Standard 5.8: We know this when the learner draws a variety of graphs by hand/technology to display and interpret data (group and ungrouped) including:

5.8.3 pie charts;

Assessment Standard 5.9: We know this when the learner critically reads and interprets data presented in a variety of ways to draw conclusions and make predictions.

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