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English home language

Grade 5


Module 12

Nouns in general


Exercise 6

1. Complete the sentences by filling in the missing nouns:

(a) ___ is a very clever ___ .

(b) He produced a ___ of kittens and they played with a

___ of wool.

(c) The cat sleeps in a ___ in his home in ___ Street.

(d) ___, the cat, feels a lot of ___ when he catches his tail in the closing door.

(e) He sits in the ___, nursing his injured ___ .


Exercise 7

2. Which one fits? Use a ruler to connect the incomplete statement to the answer:

litter of players
a pride of cattle
a swarm of singers
a herd of puppies / kittens
a flock of fish / whales
a school of bees or locusts
a bouquet of stairs or aircraft
a flight of soldiers
a canteen of wolves or cards
a horde of savages
a fleet of flowers
a pack of motor cars
a troop of cutlery
a team of lions
a choir of sheep

3 . Learn these:

a host of angels

a series of events

a circle of friends

a mob of hooligans

a pocket of oranges

a shower of rain

a colony of seals

a column of smoke

a cluster of stars

a bundle of washing

How about trying to make up some of your own? Try to be original.

a wall of ___

a string of ___

a ___ of clouds

a ___ of ants

4. Rewrite the following sentences, putting in the capital letters where necessary:

(a) mordred, the wily wolf, eyed lard lying in the sun.

(b) The pork times, a local newspaper, ran an article about bacon, rasher and lard.

(c) mordred planned to have the piggies on christmas eve for dinner.

(d) The fry river flowed past bacon’s house, nr 3 forest drive, bushville.

(e) “I am starving! bacon and eggs will do!” moaned mordred.

(f) the forest is situated on top of porkchop ridge, just below roast ridge.

Quickly explain to Gemma why these words have to be written with capital letters.


1. Which words in the list should be written with capital letters? Why?


tulip street



2. Identify the underlined nouns:

Winnie the Pooh’s depression is due to his honeypot being empty

and a swarm of bees guarding the nest in the old log.

3. Fill in the missing collective nouns:

(a) a ___ of geese

(b) a ___ of stairs

(c) a host of ___

(d) a circle of___

Checklist for myself
  • I can identify common nouns in text.
Yes No
  • I can identify Proper nouns and write them with capital letters.
Yes No
  • I can use collective nouns in sentences successfully.
Yes No

[LO 4.4.3; 6.1.4; 6.2.3; 6.2.6]


In our first unit we met Gemma. She is still a young dog and is called

a _______

Young animals, as well as small objects, are often given a special name.

Match these young animals to their parents

owlet owl
gosling duck
duckling cow
kitten hen
calf cat
foal goose
lamb goat
chick ewe
nestling bird
kid mare
The baby of a dog and the baby of a seal have the same name. The baby of a cow and the baby of an elephant have the same name.
What is it? What is it?

LO 4.4.3; 6.1.4; 6.2.3; 6.2.6]


LO 4

WRITING The learner will be able to write different kinds of factual and imaginative texts for a wide range of purposes.

We know this when the learner:

4.1 writes different kinds of texts for different purposes and audiences:

4.1.1 writes for personal, exploratory, playful, imaginative and creative purposes (e.g. diary, humorous anecdotes, story, poem);

4.1.2 writes informational texts expressing ideas clearly and logically for different audiences (e.g. notices, reports);

4.2 develops and organises ideas through a writing process:

4.2.2 develops the topic by consulting relevant sources, selecting relevant information and organising ideas;

4.3 produces neat and legible work with attention to presentation (e.g. cover page, title, headings, and suitable graphics);

4.4 applies knowledge of language at various levels:

4.4.1 word level;

4.4.3 paragraph level.

LO 6

LANGUAGE STRUCTURE AND USE The learner will know and be able to use the sounds, words and grammar of the language to create and interpret texts.

We know this when the learner:

6.1 works with words:

6.1.1 uses prefixes, stems and suffixes/extensions to form words;

6.1.3 records words in a personal dictionary;

6.1.4 uses phonics and spelling rules to spell words correctly;

6.2 works with sentences:

6.2.3 identifies and uses nouns, pronouns, prepositions, articles and conjunctions;

6.2.6 consolidates use of punctuation learned so far.

6.4 develops awareness and use of style:

6.4.1 uses language appropriate for the audience, purpose and context (e.g.

formal / informal register);


Exercise 7:

A litter of puppies

A pride of lions

A swarm of bees

A herd of cattle

A flock of sheep

A school of fish / whales

A flight of stairs or aircraft

A canteen of cutlery

A pack of wolves or cards

A troop of soldiers

A team of players

A horde of savages

A choir of singers

A fleet of motor cars

The following words are written with capitals:

Mordred; Lard; Pork Times; Bacon; Rasher; Lard; Mordred; Christmas Eve; Fry River; Bacon’s house; Forest Drive; Bushville; Bacon and ; Mordred; The forest; Porkchop Ridge; Roast Ridge

What do you know?

(a) Tulip Street; Tygervalley


1. Proper Noun

2. Abstract Noun

3. Common Noun

4. Collective Noun

5. Common Noun


1. gaggle

2. flight

3. angels

4. friends



  • owlet – owl / gosling – goose / duckling – duck / kitten – cat / calf – cow /
  • foal – mare / lamb – ewe / chick – hen / nestling – bird / kid – goat
    • pup
    • calf

1. bullock; booklet; lambkin; puppy

2. maiden; coronet; satchel; statuette

Questions & Answers

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what do you understand by Ceteris Paribus?
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uses of microeconomics
Adam Smith's definition of economics
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what is economic deficit
this is a situation whereby a nation's outcome or available resources are not enough to the people thereby causing scarcity
prices of Quality demanded is equal to Quality supplied
it's quantity demand and quantity supplied that's called equilibrium
they deal With prices
define the elasticity
explain different types of elasticity
oops 😬 you are right you talk about quality I tell about quantity
elasticity is the measurement of the percentage change of one economic variable in response to a change in another
Cross Elasticity of Demand (XED) Income Elasticity of Demand (YED) Price Elasticity of Supply (PES)
anything else?
I need to know everything about theory of consumer behavior
How does one analyze a market where both demand and supply shift?
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That's equilibrium market
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I Mean on the same curve..
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because of fall of income, less will be demanded and much will be supply as a result of price rises. Rise in price always motivate new supplier to enter into the system. But it only possible in the short run
yeah.. I think Ceteris Paribus is applied in this case
that is the law of Demand is Inversely related to the law of Supply... so that mean a positive change in demand may produce a negative return to supply I think.
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wants is what human desire but might not need them, human want are mostly articles of ostentatious while need is what human must get to live e.g inferior goods
what's equilibrium price
equilibrium prices is a situation whereby the price of goods supplied equates to the demand
this whereby the prices of quality demanded is equivalent to quality demanded
wants are numerous desire man that man can do without if not purchased e.g. cosmetic while need are desires that you cannot do without e.g. food
equilibrium price is that level of output were quantity demanded is equal to quantity supplied
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To know if the country is growing or not through the country's GDP
to manage our resources
compare base years GDP and the current years GDP
To tell whether a country is growing there are many factors to be considered not necessarily only the GDP due to weaknesses of GDP approach
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price increase demand decrease...price decrease demand increase
ıf the price increase the demand decrease and if the demand increase the price decrease
all other things being equal, an increase in demand causes a decrease in supply and vice versa
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What is demand
jude Reply
Demand is the quantity of goods and services a consumer is willing and able to purchase at various prices over a given period of time.
Okay congratulations I'll join you guys later .
demand is the quantity and quality of goods and services a consumer is willingly and able to purchase at a particular price over a given period of time.
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