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After 1994 steps were taken to compensate some of the people who had been forced to abandon their homes. This changed the shape of current urban patterns. A special commission was formed to handle land claims. The purpose is to rectify the possession of land of those who had been previously disadvantaged by political decisions. Where the original site is no longer available, the family is entitled to financial compensation. Everybody is now entitled to choose where they wish to live. No politician can decide who is to buy or own property, and where.

Activity 5:

To conduct a personal interview and draw inferences from the discussion

[lo 2.3]

On your own: Conduct an interview with a person in your environment who had to uproot as a result of the forced political removals in the 1970’s. Find out more about the effect it had on them and on the lives of their families. Then write a transcription of the discussion. (Tip: Take a tape recorder along and tape the interview to be transcribed later. Remember to ask permission for the discussion to be taped.)


Learning Outcomes(LOs)
LO 1
Geographical EnquiryThe learner will be able to use enquiry skills to investigate geographical and environmental concepts and processes.
Assessment Standards(ASs)
This is seen when the learner:
1.2 interprets information from maps and atlases and from graphic and statististical
1.5 identifies and records information in the specific field [working with sources];
1.7 in various ways reports knowledge obtained during the study by formulating an argument based on information found; uses maps, diagrams and graphics; uses, where possible, computers in the presentation [putting the answer across].
LO 2
GEOGRAPHICAL KNOWLEDGE ANDUNDERSTANDINGThe learner will be able to demonstrategeographical and environmentalknowledge and understanding.
This is clear when the learner:
2.1 identifies and compares various kinds of settlement patterns [people and places];
  1. identifies factors that influence the formation of settlement patterns (natural, economic, social/ political) [people and resources];
2.3 identifies crucial factors leading to changes in settlement patterns in South Africa, Africa and elsewhere [people and environment].



  1. This is an area where mostly large (heavy) industries are located. Adjacent to that is a lower-income housing area (squatter camps or informal housing settlements).
  2. YES!

The area was originally planned and used for industrial purposes. However, the need for labour caused people to erect informal settlements adjacent to the industrial area. The expenses of transport are eliminated, as people live close to their work.

  1. Deforestation takes place to clear areas for squatters’ shacks. Even more trees are chopped down to be used for firewood and building materials. There is a problem with pollution. Soil and water resources are polluted.

It is unplanned and uncontrolled.

Living conditions in these areas are unhygienic. People live in squalor, as basic services are minimal or non-existent. This is a breeding-ground for diseases and other problems, and presents a big fire hazard.


  1. Sparsely populated.

It depicts the Central Business District (CBD). Commercial activities are dominant and areas are not densely populated. A large number of people daily commute to the CBD, by means of private or public transport.

  1. Urban.
  2. Central Business District.

Most accessible area in the urban settlement. Due to functional magnetism, all big business and service concerns compete for business premises in the CBD. As a consequence land is very expensive and multi-level sky-scrapers are commonly found.


  1. Own answer: Varies from area to area.
  2. Own answer: Varies from area to area.
  3. Always on the outskirts in the best possible area zoned for housing. These areas usually have good or attractive views, or are situated adjacent to a green belt, or in a golf course development or estate.


  1. There is a definite difference in the size of the houses among the different neighbourhoods. It varies from informal housing on common land to luxury housing on private, separate stands.
  2. The informal (squatter) area.

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