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To the educator

Using progress reports and profiles of the learners in Grade 1, the Grade 2 educator can assess the ability of each learner in the class.

The Grade 2 educator also needs to know which work has been covered in Grade 1 so that she can revise, consolidate and re-teach where necessary, before proceeding to the Grade 2 phonics, writing, reading etc. Make sure the learners understand the written instructions on each page. The learners furthermore need to know where and when to go for help when doing written work e.g. finding out how to spell a word etc.

The slower learners need continual support whereas the fast learners can be given additional work based on the activities for further stimulation.

Time schedule for the modules 1 – 7

All learners should complete all seven modules during the year. Allow them to progress at their own speed covering ± one and a half modules per term.

Learners are introduced to this module by means of a poem called “Roller Coaster”. They create their own poem by following the careful instructions given.

Ways in which to spend holidays are explored through passages prepared for reading, discussion and writing activities.

  • Phonics: The fairy e as it changes

Hat into hate

Robe into robe

Cub into cube

  • Writing: Hh , Kk , Pp , Bb

Integration of themes

  • A healthy Environment

Keep all public places litter-free.

  • Human Rights and Social Justice

Respect one another – stand in queues, be polite, say thank you and please.

  • Inclusivity

Introduce 'fairy e', and explain how the sound changes when 'e' is added e.g. hat - hate. cub - cube. rob - robe, etc.

Give sentences where the word is used and let the learners re-write the sentence choosing the correct word.

For example:

I wear a hat/hate on my head.

I hat/hate eating cabbage.

Build lists of words for the learners to practise.

The following instructions build a lotto game for the learners to play and practise 'fairy e' sounds.

LO 3.4.9

Listening skill

Give the learners an A4 sheet of paper and give the following instructions. Warn them that you will give the instruction and then you will repeat it only once more, so they must listen very carefully.

You could also demonstrate the folding.

Fold the paper in half lengthwise, like this. Rule a line over the fold mark.

Using your ruler, measure 10 cm from the top of the page and make a mark on the left hand side of the page and again on the right hand side. Rule across the page on the 10 cm marks.

Turn the page around and repeat the instruction. Your page should now have six blocks.

  • In the top left hand block, draw a picture of a cake.
  • In the top right hand block, draw a picture of a rope.
  • In the middle left hand block, draw a picture of a bike.
  • In the middle right hand block, draw a picture of a flute.
  • In the bottom left hand block, draw a picture of Eve (as in Adam and Eve).
  • In the bottom right hand corner, choose any word that has a sound that they have learnt and draw a picture of it.
  • Colour in the pictures.

LO 1.1

When the children have finished, the sheet may be used for a game of lotto. Read some of the words from your list of “fairy e” words. The children must write them in the block so that they have the same sound as the picture in the block, e.g. ‘hate’ will be in the block where the cake has been drawn. The children should all have a different sound in their sixth block. When you have called enough words to have two in each block, call out some of the sounds you have learnt earlier in the year. If someone has a matching sound, they have won the game.

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