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y = 5,532 m

I also convert everything to the smallest unit before I subtract, e.g.

k = 9,075 ton – 4 328 kg

= 9 075 kg – 4 328 kg

9 075

− 4 328

4 747

= 4 747 kg

k = 4,747 t

5. Calculate the following:

5.1 c = 4,7 km + 876 m + 2,794 km + 65 m

5.2 e = 7,632 kg – 1 278 g

5.3 f = 2,03 kℓ + 432 litres + 0,869 kℓ + 38 litres

5.4 h = 19 litres – 2 347 mℓ

Activity 3:

To solve problems that include selecting, calculating and converting standard units [LO 4.6]

Choose a friend to work with you, and try to solve the following problems. You are NOT allowed to use a pocket calculator! Ask your teacher for paper to work on.

1. The following items must be filled with petrol:

  • the school bus 85,6 litres
  • a motor-bike 14,65 litres
  • an empty can 893 mℓ
  • a pick-up van 64,4 litres
  • How many litres of petrol will be used altogether?
  • Write your answer as kℓ.

2. A family’s mass is made up as follows:

  • newly-born infant 2 667 g
  • sister 19,8 kg
  • mother 63,9 kg

2.1 What is the joint mass of the family in kg?

2.2 Write your answer in tons.

3. The Grade 5’s do textile painting on pieces of material that consist of the following lengths:

  • 585 mm
  • 1,024 m
  • 362 mm

3.1 On how many mm of material have they painted altogether?

3.2 Give your answer in metres.

4. If an elephant has an average weight of 7 tons and a hippopotamus has an average weight of 1 500 kg, what is the difference in mass between them? Give your answer in kg first, and then in tons.

5. A barrel contains approximately 9,5 litres of water. If I fill a 775 mℓ bottle from it, how much water is left in the barrel? Write your answer as litres.

6. There are 16,84 metres of material on a roll. If your mother cuts off 739 cm, how many metres of material are left on the roll?

Write your answer as mm.!

7. Use a pocket calculator to check your answers.

8. Now compare your answers with the rest of the class and have a class discussion on the best way of solving the above-mentioned problems.

9. Give your answers to your teacher for assessment.


LO 4
MeasurementThe learner will be able to use appropriate measuring units, instruments and formulae in a variety of contexts.
We know this when the learner:
4.1 reads, tells and writes analogue, digital and 24-hour time to at least the nearest minute and second;
4.2 solves problems involving calculation and conversion between appropriate time units including decades, centuries and millennia;
4.3 uses time-measuring instruments to appropriate levels of precision including watches and stopwatches;
4.4 describes and illustrates ways of representing time in different cultures throughout history;
4.5 estimates, measures, records, compares and orders two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects using S.I. units with appropriate precision for:
  • mass using grams (g) en kilograms (kg);
  • capacity using millimetres (mm), centimetres (cm), metres (m) en kilometres (km);
  • length using. millimetres (mm), centimetres (cm), metres (m) en kilometres (km);
4.6 solves problems involving selecting, calculating with and converting between appropriate S.I. units listed above, integrating appropriate contexts for Technology and Natural Sciences;
4.7 uses appropriate measuring instruments (with understanding of their limitations) to appropriate levels of precision including:
  • bathroom scales, kitchen scales and balances to measure mass;
  • measuring jugs to measure capacity;
  • rulers, metre sticks, tape measures and trundle wheels to measure length.



1. 1.1 mℓ

1.2 ℓ

1.3 mℓ

1.4 kℓ

2. 2.1: 5

2.2: 5

2.3: 15

2.4: 200

2.5: 250

2.6 – 2.10 own answers

3. 3.1: 1 000

1 ℓ

3.2: 750



17 000 000



mℓ 980 1 423 6
liter 0,004 0,016 0,369


liter 2 261
kℓ 0,018 1,479 3,012


3.1: 4,342 ℓ

3.2: 2,575 ℓ

3.3: 6,125 ℓ

3.4: 5,110 ℓ


4.1: 16,7 kℓ

4.2: 13,035 kℓ

  • :18,850 kℓ
  • :4.4 17,608 kℓ


5.1: 8,435 km

8 435 m

5.2: 6 354 g

6,354 kg

5.3:3 369 ℓ

3,369 kℓ

5.4:16 653 mℓ

16,653 ℓ

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