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Adjourned at ten P. M.

J. C. Nicoll,


February 15th 1884

The regular meeting was held at this date in the Secretary’s studio.

It was called to order by the president at nine P. M. with eight members present viz: - Messers, Church, Farrer, Gifford, Thos. Moran, Nicoll Sabin, J. D. Smillie, Wood.

The minutes of the meetings held December 14th 1883 and January 11 1884 were read and approved.

Mr. Waltet Satterlee was elected Resident Member 7 yes 1 no

Mr. I. M. Gaugengigl of Boston was elected Non-resident Member – unanimously.

Mr. J. A. Monks was nominated for Resident Member by Mr. Thos Moran.

The Secretary read a letter from the Society of Graphic Arts, Vienna, asking for plates for work representing the progress of graphic arts during the past fifty years, together with his answer thereto; and stated what action he had taken in the matter.

Upon formal vote his action was approved, and he was directed to conduct any further correspondence necessary. He was instructed to state in his next letter that the members present objected to send original plates owing to risk of loss or damage, - also to the sending of clean wiped proofs to be reproduced by any “process” work. – They would be willing to send approved proofs from which the Society of Graphic Arts could select, or would more strongly urge that the Club itself should make the selection. In either case the election to be made here.

The meeting adjourned without further action.

J. C. Nicoll


Approved April 18/84

Samuel Colman’s etching in the 1884 New York Etching Club exhibition catalogue. (Private collection.)

April 18th 1884

The annual meeting was held at this date in the Secretary’s studio.

It was called to order by the President with Messers Baldwin, Church, Dielman, Farrer, Thos. Moran, Nicoll, and Van Elten.

The minutes of the meeting held February 15th were read and approved.

The Secretary made an informal report upon the sales of the last exhibition ($1748.75) cost of catalogue ($547.50) and balance in the treasury. ($80.87)

The ballot for officers for the ensuing year resulted in the re-election of those serving at the time viz: -

President, Henry Farrer,

Secty.&Tres. J. C. Nicoll.

Executive Cttee F. S. Church, F. Dielman, T. Moran.

Mr. J. A. S. Monks was elected Resident Member.

Mr. Jno. H. Millspaugh was nominated for Resident Member by the Secretary.

The meeting adjourned without further action.

J. C. Nicoll

Secty. Approved Dec 12

Robert S. Gifford, Neopolitan , 1884. (Williams Print Collection.)

May 19th 1884

A meeting of the Executive Committee was held at this date in the Secretary’s studio to examine and select etchings for the second volume of “Original Etchings by American Artists” to be published by Messers Cassell&Company.

The Executive Committee also directed that the following gentlemen should be invited to make small plates for the catalogue of the next annual exhibition viz – Messers Thomas Moran

R. Swain Gifford F. S. Church

J. C. Nicoll Fredk Dielman

L. M. Yale Walter Satterlee

J. A.S. Monks

Messer Platt, Gaugengigl, Pennell and Wood, as alternatives in case any of those first chosen should be unable to contribute The New York Etching Club’s 1885 catalogue was illustrated with eight etchings by Frederick S. Church, Henry Farrer, James A.S. Monks, Mary Nimmo Moran, Peter Moran, Thomas Moran, James Craig Nicoll, and Walter Saterlee. Henry Farrer, Mary Nimmo Moran, and Peter Moran etchings were substituted in the 1885 exhibition catalogue for any by Dielman, Yale, or the proposed alternatives: Platt, Gaugengigl, or Pennell.

J. C. Nicoll


Stephen Parrish, London Bridge , 1884. (Williams Print Collection.)

December 12 1884

The regular meeting was held at this date in the Secretary’s studio with Messers Baldwin, Church, Dielman, Farrer, Thos. Moran, Nicoll, Shirlaw, and Wood, present.

The minutes of the meeting held April 18th were read and approved.

Messers Thomas Moran, and J. A. S. Monks were elected to serve as Hanging Committee for the ensuing year.

The nomination of Mr. Benj. Landu for Resident member was laid upon the table. Benjamin Lander independently exhibited prints in each show between 1882 and 1887, but never became a member.

Mr. Hamilton Hamilton was nominated for Active Member by Mr. Thomas Moran. Mr. Alexander Schilling of Chicago was nominated as Non-resident Member by the Secretary.

The matter of plates for the next catalogue and some other items was discussed informally but no regular action taken, and the

meeting adjourned at ten P. M.

J. C. Nicoll


Ignatz M. Gaugengigl, Untitled , 1884. (Williams Print Collection.)

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