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Life orientation

Grade 7

Physical development and movement

Module 14

Outdoor Adventure And Orientation

Group work:

[lo 4.1]

This project can be presented on different levels: within the context of the classroom, of a grade, of the school or as a fun activity on a family day at school (for example Spring Day). Depending on the number of people involved and the time available, this exciting activity can be adapted to suit specific needs.

Outdoor programme in the context of the classroom


  • Identify a suitable venue, and book it if necessary.
  • Obtain permission from the principal to leave the school grounds.
  • Obtain permission from the principal to wear sportswear or casual wear to school.
  • Obtain permission from parents for learners to leave the school premises during school time and possibly make use of transport.
  • Arrange transport provided by parents, or alternatively, by bus.

Material provided by teacher

  • Maps of the area/terrain – sufficient for each group
  • A series of instructions for each group
  • A compass per group
  • First aid kit

Learners’ requirements

  • Sportswear or casual wear with comfortable walking shoes
  • Sun hat
  • Suntan lotion
  • Water bottle filled with water
  • Food parcel
  • Pencil
  • One clipboard per group


Learning outcomes(LOs)
LO 4
P HYSICAL D EVELOPMENT A ND M OVEMENTThe learner will be able to demonstrate an understanding of, and participate in, activities that promote movement and physical development.
Assessment standards(ASs)
We know this when the learner:
4.1 participates in an outdoor adventure programme through orienteering in different environments;
4.2 performs a sequence of physical activities including rotation, elevation and balance movements;
4.3 participates in and reports on a fitness programme;
4.4 designs and plays a game that includes the concept of invasion;
4.5 investigates fair play in a variety of athletic and sport activities.

Instructions for mapping and reconnaissance

Instructions for mapping and reconnaissance:

A “treasure hunt” approach is most appropriate for this activity. Certain “prizes” or objects are hidden in various places to serve as proof that the team has reached the correct landmarks.

Each group receives a map and a series of instructions.

Instructions on how to reach about five landmarks should be given in writing to each group.

The following skills must be tested:

Path finding: Instructions can be given by means of compass directions.

Map reading: By means of specific geographical directions or descriptions of the terrain.

Problem solving: Learners must, for example, build a raft to cross the river.

Decision-making: Alternative routes containing various obstacles could be suggested. The learners must discuss it and reach consensus regarding the solution.

Speed: The time in which the landmarks are reached must be planned in such a way that learners will have to exert themselves physically to complete the task. Bonus marks or landmarks could be incorporated to motivate them.

NB. It is important that the groups be divided fairly, e.g. an equal number of girls and boys per group, able sportspersons, stronger and weaker learners, etc.

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