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An explanation of how to add various types of multimedia objects to your Connexions content. Examples of some of the more common multimedia objects are included.



Connexions modules can contain many different types of embedded multimedia files. This document explains how to use these elements to create media-rich modules. Though you are welcome to skip ahead at any time, we strongly recommend that you read the sections on Accessibility, Uploading Media Files, and Embedding Media Elements in Your Module before moving on to a specific medium as these sections cover several important aspects common to all media types.

This module contains a number of code examples designed to illustrate specific aspects of the CNXML language. As a result, these code snippets will not always take advantage of all of the available options and attributes for every element. Feel free to experiment with different combinations and structures as you build your modules to learn how these options can enhance your module's multimedia content.

Connexions supports the use of any media format that has a valid MIME type (see this page for more information). In order to take advantage of the media, however, end-users must also have any necessary software and/or browser plugins installed on their browsers. For this reason, it is advisable to stick with common file formats when authoring in Connexions. This module provides a number of CNXML code snippets that cover several typical use cases, though this list is not exhaustive.

If you need assistance adding multimedia to your modules, have questions about an object not listed in this module, or have any other authoring issues that you need help with, please contact Connexions technical support at techsupport@cnx.org .

Making multimedia accessible for all users

It is important for authors to remember that not all users are able to experience media the same way. Visually impaired users will not be able to view graphical content, while those hard of hearing will not be able to experience audio content as intended. As an author, should always strive to make their content accessible to as many audiences as possible; in addition to allowing more users to enjoy and benefit from your work, you will also make it easier for the many organizations required by policy or law to meet accessibility standards to use and adopt your content.

Alt text

Alt text allows authors to provide a short description of the visual content of a media element. These descriptions can be read by screen reading software packages used to assist visually impaired users. Keep your alt text short but descriptive; imagine somebody trying to describe an image you cannot see and think about the information you would find most important. A few tips:
  • Don't be redundant. The user is already aware that this is an image, so don't start your description with "This image is . . . " or "A picture of . . . "
  • Keep it short and sweet. Describe only the relevant aspects of the image; for example, it might be important to describe the subject of a photograph as having freckles, but it is probably not necessary to count how many freckles she has on each cheek.
  • Use correct grammar and spelling. For the majority of users requiring alt text descriptions, this content will be read out loud; these descriptions should adhere to the same quality andstyle standards used elsewhere in your work.
Alt text is required for all <media> elements.

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