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Grade 5

Machines made easy

Module 3

Let’s make a puppet

  2. Try to open the lid of a tin of paint. Is it easier to use a short or a long screwdriver? Explain.
  3. Where on a see-saw is the best place for a heavy person to balance a light person sitting at the other end? Why?
  4. A person’s arms and legs are also levers. Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer.

[LO 3.2]



  1. Make a poster on an A4 sheet of paper with pictures and/or sketches of the different levers. Add the necessary captions (burden, load, pivot).
  2. What sources did you consult? (Copy the table and make a cross in the appropriate square.)
Newspapers ο Pamphlets ο
Magazines ο Experts ο
Subject literature ο Photos ο
Computer ο Sports picture books ο

[LO 1.3]

C. manufacturing – planning

Problem : Your teacher found this pattern (Appendix 1 on page 19) for a dancing clown in a magazine, but cannot find the instructions. He/she wants you to design your own clown. Can you help him/her?

  1. What material will you use to make the pattern? (Copy the table and make a cross in the appropriate square.)
Cardboard ο Clay ο
Fabric ο Glass ο
Plastic ο Wood ο
Metal ο Thick paper ο

Give reasons for your choices. Write out the sentences, completing each of them as follows:

I use this material because ___

  1. Which tools are you going to use to make the puppet? (Copy the table and make a cross in the appropriate square.)
Coloured pencils ο Scissors ο Paper punch ο
Paint ο Glue (Pritt) ο String ο
Pastels ο Bostik ο Fishing line ο
Koki’s ο Pencil ο Wool ο
Charcoal ο Tracing paper ο Beads ο
Paper punch ο Stapler ο Staples ο
Paper clips ο Split pins ο

Explain the use of each instrument. Copy and complete as follows:

I use __ to __

[LO 1.8]

You have two hours to complete this assignment. Set out your steps clearly, and indicate the time you require. Copy and complete the following table:

Date for handing in: 120 min

Now make your dancing clown.

[LO 1.7]

  1. EVALUATION (Self-assessment)

Evaluate yourself. Be honest. Write Yes, Unsure or No next to the respective numbers after you have completed your dancing clown.

  1. Did you know what to do?
  1. Did I complete the task without any help?
  1. Did I work thoroughly?
  1. Did I work in logical sequence?
  1. Did I work neatly?
  1. Did I use materials sparingly?
  1. Am I proud of my model?
  1. Did I enjoy making the model?
  1. Did I bring all my material and tools every time?
  1. Did I tidy up properly afterwards?
  1. Did I complete my model?
  1. Is my clown colourful, attractive and does it work properly?
  1. Did I learn something new?


  1. This assignment involved (levers/gears/wheels and axles). Copy the sentence and underline the correct answer.
  2. Did you have any problems while making the clown, and if so, how did you solve them? Write down three.
  3. Would you work in exactly the same way if you had to attempt such a project again? If your answer is no , explain.

[LO 1.11]

  1. Ask at least five friends to write their comments (next to their names) on your model below.

[LO 1.10]



Decide as a class which five learners’ clowns are the best and show them to other classes and to the principal. Someone might want to buy them!

Appendix 1


LO 1


The learner will be able to apply technological processes and skills ethically and responsibly, using appropriate information and communication technologies.

We know this when the learner:


1.2 finds out about existing products relevant to a problem, need or opportunity, and identifies some design aspects (e.g. who it is for, what it looks like, what it is for, what it is made of);

  • performs, where appropriate, scientific investigations about concepts relevant to a problem, need or opportunity using science process skills:

1.3.1 planning investigations;

  • conducting investigations;

1.3.3 processing and interpreting data;

1.3.4 evaluating and communicating findings.


1.7 outlines a plan that shows the steps for making, including drawings or sketches of main parts;

1.8 uses suitable tools and materials to make products by measuring out, cutting or separating, shaping or forming, joining or combining, and finishing the chosen material;


1.10 evaluates, with assistance, the product according to the design brief and given specifications and constraints (e.g. people, purpose, environment), and suggests improvements and modifications if necessary;

1.11 evaluates the plan of action followed and suggests improvements and modifications if necessary;


  • produces labelled two-dimensional drawings enhanced with colour where appropriate.

LO 2


The learner will be able to understand and apply relevant technological knowledge ethically and responsibly.

We know this when the learner:

Systems and control:

  • demonstrates knowledge and understanding of how to use energy sources to power mechanical systems in order to make a product move in some way.

We know this when the learner:

3.1 recognises how products and technologies have been adapted from other times and cultures;

3.2 identifies possible positive and negative effects of scientific developments or technological products on the quality of people’s lives and/or the health environment.



1. A longer screwdriver provides a more efficient lever. The longer the lever, the bigger the force applied on the load.

2. The heavier person should sit as close to the fulcrum as possible so that the load will not be too heavy.

3. Yes. Little children love to do “horse riding” on an adult’s foot. The person’s leg rotates round a fulcrum (knee, hip) and this creates enough force to control the load.

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