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This module provides a brief introduction to integrated design with Multisim and other National Instruments products. Multisim is fully featured SPICE schematic capture and simulation tool used for circuit design, simulation, and in combination with Ultiboard for layout of custom PCBs.

Integrated design with other national instruments products


National Instruments LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment that can be used to automate test andmeasurement functions, for the purpose of testing and validating designs. Multisim data saved in .LVM or .TDM format can be easilyloaded into LabVIEW using express Virtual Instrument (VI) technology. Simulation data can then be overlaid on top of measuredresults to quickly and easily verify designs.

Loading .lvm and .tdm data files

To load Multisim simulated data that were saved in a .LVM or .TDM file, use the Read from Measurement FileExpress VI. This VI is located in the Programming/File IOpalette. For help on this file, consult the LabVIEW help file. The ExpressVI can be configured to read either .LVM or .TDM files.

Read from Measurement File Express VI

Note: The following only applies to .LVM files.The EOF? output terminal of the Express VI indicates true ifthere is more data contained in the .LVM file. This value is especially useful when reading data that were saved from a BodeAnalysis, or from any plot window with more than one graph display. Simply place the Read From Measurement File Express VI into a whileloop, with the EOF? output terminal wired to the exit condition terminal.

Note: The following only applies to .TDM files. To load .TDM files into LabVIEW which contain multiplegraphs, lower level storage express VIs are required. Figure 2 below gives a demonstration of how one might load multiple graphsfrom a .TDM file.

Loading Multiple Graphs from a .TDM File

Labview based virtual instruments in multisim

For further information on LabVIEW based Virtual Instruments in Multisim, consult the LabVIEW VirtualInstruments text in Section II.


SignalExpress introduces an innovative approach to configuring your measurements using intuitivedrag-and-drop steps that do not require code development. Unlike traditional benchtop measurement tools, SignalExpress combines theoptimal balance of measurement functionality and ease-of-use to assist designers in streamlining a variety of applications:

  • Design modeling.
  • Design verification.
  • Design characterization.
  • Device validation.
  • Automated test troubleshooting.

Loading multisim data into signalexpress

To load simulated data into SignalExpress, simply use the Load from LVM step, select Add Step/Analog/Load and save Signals/Load from LVM. Choose the file name to load, andselect the traces to import. Use the Domain field to choose from either Time, or Frequency data. Click close and run theSignalExpress workbench file to load the Multisim data.

SignalExpress Load from LVM Step


National Instruments ELVIS is an ideal companion to any electronics lab that uses Multisim. ELVIS providesa breadboard prototyping environment, with built-in instruments including a Function Generator, Digital Multimeter (DMM),Oscilloscope, and Variable Power Supplies. The breadboard is detachable, allowing students to work on their projects and labsindependently of the ELVIS unit.

ELVIS provides LabVIEW-based software for interacting with the Virtual Instruments. These instruments can bemodified to load Multisim data for rapid comparison of simulated and measured data.

NI ELVIS Bode Analysis Comparing MultiSim Data

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