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  • Answer these questions as fully as you can. Some questions ask for your own opinions and you should give reasons for your opinions whenever possible.

4. Explain four of the abbreviations in the dictionary extract. (4)

5. Why do people have holidays?

6. What does the word holiday mean to you?

7. What would be your ideal holiday?

8. Would you like to have 52 weeks holiday a year? YES or NO

  • Explain your answer:

9. How did the word “holiday” originate?

10. What is the American word for “holiday”? It begins with a V .

Activity 2 :

To work with words

[lo 6.1]

  • The following words have been taken from the passages you have read so far. Have a closer look at them in order to improve your vocabulary and spelling.

landscape culture cuisine accommodation

recreation tourism potential leisure

abroad resort travel pollution

  • First, arrange these words in alphabetical order.
  • Now break up the words first into syllables and then into morphemes . Your educator will explain the difference.
  • Notice that A, C, L, P, R and T start certain of the above words. Assign each member of your group ONE of these letters.
  • Now, each member of your group should write a detailed dictionary definition of the TWO words beginning with the letter you have been assigned, following the pattern of the dictionary extract in Activity 1.
  • Now use a thesaurus to find a few good synonyms for these words.
  • Put these definitions of your group together to create your group’s own mini dictionary. Reminder : Put in the guide words at the top of your page.


It is a good idea to continue with (or to start NOW) your own A – Z Dictionary and Spelling Book.

Record new words in it, review them, revise them and then use them.

You will be amazed at how quickly your vocabulary will grow!

Activity 3 :

To use a range of different ways to spell unfamiliar words

[lo 6.1.1]

Good SPELLING and PRONUNCIATION are always qualities of a true language expert. It shows the difference between a good and a bad linguist.

  • Look at the following spelling rule: “ i before e , except after c when pronounced ee ?
  • Explain this rule to your group in another way. If nobody in your group can explain the rule clearly, ask your educator.

Write down a word which is spelt according to this rule. .

  • Is the word leisure an exception to this rule? Explain your answer.
  • Indicate whether the following words are exceptions to this rule, or not:
  • Eight, forfeit, achieve, weight, their, receipt, neither, neighbour, conceit, belief
  • Use a dictionary to find the pronunciation and meaning of these words. Practise the pronunciation aloud.

Achieve :

Forfeit :

Weight :

Receipt :

Belief :

Conceit :

  • Write down the words in which the underlined syllables are pronounced the same as the given sound.

l ei sure - n ei ther - n ei ghbour - l e mon - rec ei pt - w ei ght - b e g - d ea d

e sound igh sound ay sound ee sound


Learning outcomes (LOs)

LO 1


The Learner will be able to listen for enjoyment, and respond appropriately and critically in a wide range of situations

Assessment standards(ASs)

We know this when the learner:

1.2 listens actively and carefully for specific information and main ideas, and responds appropriately.

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