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6. One can also read about the various career options. My Career, published by the Department of Manpower is available at your school or in the public library and will be a great help. The Department of manpower, Universities, Technikons, private career counsellors as well as career information centres offer career guidance. Schools also offer career guidance, but the ma

jority of children waste the time afforded to them for this crucial part of their school education.

7. It pays to plan ahead. Make yourself available as class leader, library monitor, prefect or any other position of pupil leadership. Offer your services free of charge to an old-aged home, day-care centre, museum, hospital or art centre.

8. These positions will prepare you for various careers and give you confidence in yourself and teach you responsibility. You will also learn the value of respect for others and the work they do as well as increase your feelings of self worth. It might get you a job one day and help you relate to jobs where leadership is required.

9. Be true to yourself. Make use of your time and your opportunities.

Questions – Understanding what you read

1. Other than schools, mention two other places where one can find information on different careers. (2)

2. (a) Identify and quote the advice given to the reader in paragraph 3. (2)

(b) Say in your words what is meant by this advice. (2)

3. Choose two answers, which show what “tertiary student” means :

  • (A student who studies at a…)


Home School

Shop Stoep

Technikon (2)

4. “You would be extremely fortunate if you were to gain experience by volunteering your services to a company or organisation.” (par.2)

  • What does "volunteering your services" mean? (2)

5. What are the advantages of volunteering your services? (3)

6. Where would one be able to find the book My Career ? (2)

7. Circle only the letter option of the answer you choose. (1)

Your ideas for a career should be based on . . .

A what your parents do for a living.

B your dreams and interests.

C which subjects your friends choose.

D what your teachers say.

8. How does participating in extra-mural activities aid the learner to prepare for a career? (3)

9. Write down one sentence from the article that you would choose as a motto for yourself. (1)

A motto is a slogan you live by, for example:



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Activity 3:

To question and weigh options

[lo 5.2]

There are many factors which could influence your career choice. These factors include unemployment, affirmative action and problems in the world. You need to be able to select the information which you need and discard that which is less important.


  • Read the following article about the myths and facts of career decision-making.

There are a number of myths and facts about career decision-making, that restrict individuals from making a sound, final choice. It is understandable that we tend to feed the myths, instead of concentrating on the facts. Never believe that there is only one career for you. We are all suited for a variety of careers. The making of a career choice is a process, which takes time. If you wait too long to give it serious thought you leave yourself little time to explore different fields. Some children stupidly believe that they should first take a break from studying after matric. As if their parents have not struggled enough, these children sit on street corners like hobos. Some young people believe that they do not have to take the responsibility of their final career choice; that is what teachers and parents are there for. Teachers and parents can guide you, but ultimately you must take charge of your own life.

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