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English first additional language

Grade 8

Entrepreneurship: wheels can give you wings!

Module 9

Process for sensitive writing

Activity 1:

Process for sensitive writing

[lo 4.1]

Emotions and Colours

Work in pairs for this activity. What colour do you associate with each of the following emotions or ideas?

e.g. Youth is GREEN as the oaks’ first leaves in spring.

1. Love is

2. Sorrow is

3. Honesty is

4. Happiness is

5. Truth is

6. Faith is

7. Anger is

8. Fear is

9. Surprise is

Activity 2:

Using words to create a special atmosphere

[lo 2.1, 4.1]

The paragraph below describes a dismal winter scene. Fill in words from the WORD-BOX below to create a wintery atmosphere. Write down the completed paragraph and give it a suitable title. .

It was a ________ day. The_______ trees, stripped of their autumn glory, bowed their_____backs against the _______wind. It had been drizzling all day and the ground was_______and______ . Even the _____ , ______ grass seemed broken in spirit and lay bent and bruised in the mud.


bleak bare old green gnarled
freezing weary mean sodden cold
lush drenched tall muddy cold
huge black wet dismal gaunt
glowing dreary parched mild gaunt

Activity 3:

Writing my own paragraph for evaluation

[lo 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.6.3]

Choose ONE of the following topics.

Write a descriptive paragraph of approximately 50 words.

The old house on the corner

The storm

A moonlight night


The flood

Summer, autumn, spring!

Walking to school

Riding the wave

  • Describe what you experience through your senses.
  • Choose words which capture the right atmosphere

Activity 4:

Simile and metaphor

[lo 4.4.1]

Listen carefully while the educator reads this:

A good writer works magic with words. Readers can “picture” what he is “painting”. His figurative language is original. Very often he compares what he wishes to describe to something that we recognise. In our imagination we connect the similarities and so the word “picture” becomes vivid and clear.

What is the difference between ‘figurative’ and ‘ literal’ ?

  • To understand the difference between ‘literal’ and ‘figurative’ language, you might enjoy this story:

Imagine that you are driving on a pass road, enjoying the scenery when a car comes whizzing round the corner, and the driver leans out of the car and shouts through his window at you: “PIG!”

You think he is being rude and you become quite annoyed by the driver’s poor manners.

Then you drive around the corner – and straight into a pig that is standing in the middle of the road!

You see, THE DRIVER meant there REALLY was a pig around the corner - LITERALLY.

YOU thought he was speaking figuratively and that he was IMPLYING that you were driving like a road hog. You thought FIGURATIVELY.

Here are some FIGURES OF SPEECH you should know. Study these examples and try to use your own original imagery in your creative writing.


  • A simile shows the likeness between two things. It always uses “as” or “like” to introduce the comparison it is making. Study the next examples:

The moon floated up, like a bubble of gold,

And the wood was all silver and jade ...

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