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English first additional language

Grade 9

Who’s who . . . in the zoo?

Module 4

Telling stories

Activity 1:

Telling stories

[lo 2.4.4]

Names of THREE famous people who handled animals or famous animals and why they were famous

Activity 2:

When pets become “pests”

[lo 4.1.3]

This is a group activity . Discuss the following issues in your groups. Jot down notes. Use these notes to compile a report.

What animals do you have/ could you have in your neighbourhood?

What problems (if any) do/ could these animals cause in your neighbourhood?

Why do some animals become “problem” animals?

What organizations can you call on when you need to handle an animal-related problem? Draw up a list of names and telephone numbers.

What animals ... ? What problems ... ? What causes problems ...?
Name of organization? How can they help ... ? Telephone no.

Activity 3:

How to handle a problem successfully . . . and learn from it!

[lo 1.3.2]

People who keep animals have a responsibility towards their communities.

It is their responsibility to see to it that their animals never cause harm, trouble or damage to anyone in the community.

When such problems occur, you need to know what to do about them!

This activity will show you ways to handle possible problems effectively.

Identify the problem.

Here is a list of problems. Mark those you have experienced yourself.

Dogs tear open your bags of garbage at night.

A neighbour’s cat sneaks into your kitchen regularly and steals food.

Your neighbour’s dog bites you and tears your new school uniform.

A stray goat has eaten the washing you put outside to dry.

You see a man abusing a horse (or any other animal).

You find a penguin covered in oil on the beach.

You find a huge bag someone has left on the bus: in it are five kittens!

Group activity with a difference: finding solutions . . .

[lo 1.3.2, 4.1.3]

Now you will be both learner AND teacher!

You will learn to be a responsible citizen and learn that co-operation leads to solutions.

Choose a group leader to read the rules of this activity aloud to the group and to make sure that everybody understands what must be done.

You will have six minutes to fill in the REPORT FORM. (Everybody must start at the same time).

Listen to the rules as the leader reads them aloud to you.


  • Everyone in your group must choose A DIFFERENT problem listed above.
  • Fill in the report form below to show how you would solve the problem.
  • Take only six minutes to complete the rough draft report form on this page.
  • Exchange your “rough-draft” report form with a friend.
  • You will now have someone else’s completed report form in front of you.
  • Read it aloud to the group for comments on the problems and solutions.

Fill in this report form:

1. Give the problem you chose.
2. Can I sort it out on my own?
3. What organization can I call for help?
4. What action should I take concerning the animal?
5. What action should I take concerning the owner of the animal?
6. Group’s recommendation
  • Now, swap with a friend and read her / his comments to the group for discussion.
  • We hope you notice that by sharing views, more solutions come to the fore and that co-operation works well, especially concerning the plight of another person or an animal.
  • Now, write a neat and complete final report on your findings on your own sheet of paper and give recommendations concerning a problem involving an animal

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who define first physcology
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empirical method is the method of observation on object rather than do experiment .
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