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3. The European Renaissance (re-awakening)

  • Many European countries became wealthy as a result of the spice trade, and paid academics and students a great deal of money to do research. The research results were applied to establish products of a better quality, better financial services and a higher standard of education. These countries developed rapidly, but they did not pass their knowledge and expertise to the colonies.
  • Poor people were used to manufacture and produce goods, but they were paid very low wages. These products were sold back to the local people of the colonies from where the raw materials had initially been taken.
  • The income of the countries from which the raw materials had been taken – the colonies – was not increased, while the colonial powers, the European countries to which the colonies belonged, grew richer. Europe became wealthier as time went by, while the indigenous people of the colonies became more and more impoverished. The living conditions in the European cities improved greatly and both medical and educational services were of a very high standard.
  • By now you will have realised that the withdrawal of the colonists caused a tremendous need for development.

Activity 1:

To discuss the possible consequences of high medical and educational standards

[lo 3.2]

  • In your groups, discuss the advantages of a high standard of medical and educational services for a community. Think widely and consider the long-term effects of such quality services. Provide feedback to the class and compile a list of advantages.

4. The Industrial Revolution

  • As Europe became increasingly powerful economically and financially, more and more machines were developed to do the work in factories faster and on a greater scale. The machines brought about a total revolution in the field of industry. Now, less human labour was needed, and the machines were able to manufacture the goods much more cheaply than before. The machines provided cheaper labour than the workers in the colonies and other countries had previously been able to do.
  • England and other European countries took steel out of the African colonies, used it to mass-produce products and then exported these products to the colonies and other countries. In this way the inhabitants of the colonies bought products that had been manufactured from their own raw materials, and for which they had received no compensation.

5. Climate

  • Another factor that can contribute to poverty is the influence that climatic conditions have on people.

Activity 2:

To investigate access to rain water as a resource

[lo 2.2]

Consult physical maps of Africa on which climate zones and average annual rainfall figures are indicated. Try to determine what percentage of Africa is made up of desert and semi-desert areas. Then decide if an aspect of Africa’s problems may be ascribed to low or unreliable rainfall.

Percentage of Africa that is desert or semi-desert:


________ %

6.population growth as part of africa’s problem

The population of Africa, south of the Sahara, is growing too fast. According to one calculation, there will be a ten-fold increase in the continent’s population between the years 1950 and 2050!

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