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Joseph could soon afford his own home an even bought a light vehicle to commute safely to and from his work.

Today Joseph is the factory manager. He earns a good salary, while Thandi stays home caring for their three children.

What at first seemed to be a hopeless situation for Joseph, turned into a bright future with the help of somebody who believed in him. Through Joseph’s honesty, perseverance, his willingness to learn and his hard work, he managed to secure a good future for himself and his family, while making a significant contribution to the country’s economy. Joseph’s sons will also be able to enter the job market more confidently one day.

  • In Joseph’s story, who displayed UBUNTU?
  • Do you know more people who practise UBUNTU? Explain briefly how this person lives out the principle of UBUNTU.

In 2004 South Africa celebrated its first decade of democracy. Over a period of ten years, and thereafter, much has been done to try and redress economic imbalances.

Activity 1:

To discuss a topic and formulate a definition thereof

[lo 2.2]

  • In groups, discuss what UBUNTU means and write a short explanatory definition.
  • Discuss the different groups’ definitions and ask the class to compile one clear definition.

Activity 2:

To answer questions relating to a specific issue

[lo 2.2]

This is how John Monqu describes the experiences of his everyday life.

“We now have brick houses which are not as cold and wet in winter. There is a tap with clean, running water on the corner of every street, and it is accessible to all. Children are sick less often and the clinic supplies good medicine if somebody becomes ill. All my children can read and write, because the school bus picks them up on the street corner in the morning, and drops them in the afternoon. We have not had a fire in our area for a long time, as people now have electricity in their homes, so that they do not have to resort to paraffin stoves and candles. However, our work is still a problem. Most of the industries are far from here and taxis do not offer a very reliable and safe means of transport. At night it is still very dangerous outside. Gangster activities are rife and the police are not visible enough to really make a difference.”

a) First study this excerpt carefully and then…

  • list the changes (improvements) that have already been effected by the present government, according to John;
  • also identify the areas that still need attention;
  • compare John’s view of the changes with changes you are experiencing in your own communities.

b) Conduct interviews with other grade 7 learners and write down their ideas on how government can still make adjustments to redress imbalances.


Learning Outcomes(LOs)
LO 2
SUSTAINABLE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENTThe learner will be able to demonstrate an understanding of sustainable growth, reconstruction and development, and to reflect critically on related processes.
Assessment Standards(ASs)
We know this when the learner:
2.1 collects information on the influence of apartheid economic policies on ownership , poverty , wealth and quality .
2.2 identifies steps required to redress socio- economic imbalances and poverty.


According to the case-study:

  • Mr Wall
  • Take note of the positive effect it has on the lives of other people

Activity 1

  • Learners formulate their own definitions of Ubuntu with reference to the case-study.

Activity 2

  • Houses (built of bricks)

Drinking water from a tap


Access to schools

Transport to schools

Electricity supply

  • Far from workplace

Poor public transport

Unsafe residential areas


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