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Be sure to provide a caption, which will appear below the image. In the caption, give the title of theresource, its creator and creation date (if available), and a brief description. Also include a link to the DSpace metadata record for the image that you are using. The following example provides a template:

<figure id="id8018405">

<name>The Great pyramid of Gizeh</name>

<media type="image/jpg" src="Graphic1.jpg"/>

<caption>"The Great pyramid of Gizeh, a tomb of 5,000 years ago, from S.E. Egypt."

Stereograph. NY: Underwood and Underwood, 1908. From<link src="http://timea.rice.edu">TIMEA</link>. (August 19, 2006).<link src="http://hdl.handle.net/1911/5586"> http://hdl.handle.net/1911/5586</link>Note how only half of the tree on the left side of the left frame is visible,while two-thirds of the same tree can be seen in the right frame.



Using a section of a timea text in connexions:

To include a quotation from a TIMEA text in Connexions, simply copy and paste it into a paragraph(<para>) in your module. If you would like for the quotation to appear as a block quote, use the quote element , as shown below.

Please provide a link to the DSpace metadata record for the text in TIMEA so that readers can quickly access the complete text. This record provides lots of useful information about the text, such as its original publication date, Library of Congress subject headings, and author. Use the identifier indicated as the preferred citation; it will look something like http://hdl.handle.net/1911/9179 , since it uses the handle system to ensure permanence. You can place the link in the citation appearing in the main text, in a note or bibliography, or by using the quote element. (If you use the quote element with the "src" attribute, a link to the original source will appear in parentheses at the end of the quotation.) Ultimately, we hope to provide a way of linking directly to the paragraph in which the original quotation appears.

<para id="id7276133">In the introduction to<cite><link src="http://hdl.handle.net/1911/9166">Egypt through the Stereoscope</link></cite>, Breasted touted the ability of the stereoscope to make a distant place seem real and allow close study:

<quote src=”http://hdl.handle.net/1911/9166”>In the preparation of the following pages, I have constantly had my eyes within the hood of the stereoscope, and Icannot forbear to express here the growing surprise and delight, with which I observed as the work proceeded, that it became more and moreeasy to speak of the prospect revealed in the instrument, as one actually spread out before me. The surprising depth and atmospherewith which the scientifically constructed instrument interpreted what were actually but bits of paper and pasteboard,were a revelation; indeed, I constantly sat by an open window looking out over the actual ruins of the Nile Valley, which I couldstudy, one after another, at will. (13)</quote>

Linking to a point on a gis map in connexions:

Would you like to quickly pinpoint a place on a dynamic map of Egypt or Cyprus? You can link within aConnexions module to a specific point on TIMEA’s GIS map t if you know the place's decimal latitude and longitude. To find the decimallatitude and longitude for the place, download the Egypt or Cyprus names file from the GEOnet Names Server (GNS) . Once you have unzipped the file, open the text file in Excel in the delimited format, which will allow you to more easily work with the data. Search for the place namethat you need. (The file for Egypt contains over 40,000 places names.) The decimal latitude is in the fourth column (marked LAT),while the longitude is in the fifth column (marked LONG).

Formulate the URL as follows:

(External Link)

  • where (External Link) is the URL for TIMEA’s GIS map
  • followed by ?:LS
  • followed by the latitude given in decimal form (31.1980556 in this case)
  • followed by the longitude given in decimal form (29.9191667 here)
  • followed by the place name
  • followed by :LE

Contact timea@rice.edu if you need assistance

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