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Life orientation

Grade 7

Rights and responsibilities

Module 6

The influence of sexism, gender discrimination and abuse on personal relationships

Read the following newspaper reports or articles by columnists and try to identify references to sexism, gender discrimination or abuse.

Christmas lights? you’re worse than your father!

Although the time has come once again to take down the Christmas lights and pack away the tree, Pollux thinks that there are many families who will agree with the recent finding by psychologists that decorating a Christmas tree is one of three things that can cause tremendous stress in a relationship. Apparently the other two are trying to teach one’s spouse to drive, and hanging wallpaper as a team effort.

(Translated from the column by Pollux in Rapport , 30 December 2001)

The following are a few remarks to be avoided at all costs when decorating the Christmas tree:

  • What the hell do you do with the lights when you pack them away each year? Do you try to knot them together?
  • Don’t just throw the lights over the tree any old way. You’re worse than your father!
  • You’ve got the whole thing upside down. The plug must be under the tree, not at the top of the tree!
  • I don’t care if you have found two more sets of lights. I’m through with putting up lights!
  • Have you been drinking?

Children and teachers ‘must be protected against violence

CAPE TOWN – One of the recommendations emanating from the findings of the National Council of Provinces after public hearings concerning violence amongst school children, is that both learners and teachers need to be protected.

A disheartening feature of the recommendations made by most provinces is that it is in keeping with existing legislation, but it is obviously not applied.

For example, teachers are forbidden to enter into relationships with learners, and any teachers who are guilty of such conduct, are summarily suspended from duty.

New recommendations are that police are deployed outside schools before and after school hours, that teachers are protected against sexual harassment by learners and that the identity of teachers who report incidents are protected for fear of reprisal by their colleagues.

In various provinces it seems to be common practice to transfer teachers to other schools if they have been found guilty of sexual offences. Suspension, which is already prescribed by legislation, but is apparently not being applied, is recommended by the report.

In Mpumalanga it is believed that an indaba for men, convened by President Thabo Mbeki, could help to counteract these offences.

Better guidance and cooperation between schools and social workers especially, is recommended. Other solutions to social ills that are presently being considered, such as poverty relief grants, are also regarded as possible answers to this problem.

In the meantime, the Deputy Speaker, Ms Baleka Mbeta, has announced that various chairpersons of parliamentary portfolio committees will meet today to discuss ways in which Parliament can help combat child abuse. (Translated from Die Burger , 23 January 2002)

It is hoped that saartjie will rest in peace at last

As a tale it is as bizarre as it is shocking. It is an account that reveals a great deal about the Europeans’ earlier attitudes towards Africa; about men’s attitudes towards women; about constantly redefining the limits of acceptability and normality. Saartjie Baartman died 186 years ago, homeless and desolate, far removed from the Gamtoos River and the tiny hovel on the Cape Flats where the “Hottentot Venus”, as she would be known many years later, lived for the first 21 years of her unfortunate life, according to the Cape Times.

A British ship’s doctor took Baartman to London. He had convinced her that she would become wealthy by exhibiting her body. She was displayed as a sexual freak in circuses, museums, bars and universities. Abolitionists complained about her status as a near-slave. She fell ill and was taken to France.

When she died in 1816 as an impoverished prostitute, she had already become a grotesque source of the stereotypes regarding race and African sexuality. Her skeletal frame and a gypsum cast of her body were exhibited in the Musée de l’Humanité in Paris.

On Tuesday, French senators passed a law that Baartman’s remains be brought back to South Africa.

Overjoyed Koisan activists are planning a spiritual ceremony and reburial.

It is hoped that this symbol of subjection and degradation of women will finally be allowed to rest quietly and in a dignified manner, and that this unworthy and painful chronicle of almost 200 years will finally be over.

(Translated from Die Burger , 2 February 2002)


To answer questions on discrimination and abuse

[lo 2.2]

Answer the following questions based on the three above-mentioned concepts:

  1. Who is being discriminated against or unjustly treated?

Passage 1:

Passage 2:

Passage 3:

  1. Who is acting unjustly in the situation?

Passage 1:

Passage 2:

Passage 3:

  1. What kind of unjust attitude or way of thinking is illustrated here? (E.g. gender discrimination, abuse, etc.)

Passage 1:

Passage 2:

Passage 3:

  1. What relationship is being damaged through this depraved action?

Passage 1:

Passage 2:

Passage 3:

  1. If you were a psychologist, Member of Parliament or counsellor, what would you do to solve the problem or at least to alleviate it?

Passage 1:

Passage 2:

Passage 3:

  1. Are you aware of any kind of discrimination or abuse in your school, environment or home?
  • Can you do anything about it?
  • If you can, what do you think will be the best action to take?
  1. Do you think our present government is doing anything to combat discrimination and abuse?
  2. Quote a sentence from one of the reports to justify your answer.
  1. How, in your opinion, can discrimination and abuse in your school be stopped or prevented?
  1. What kind of discrimination or abuse distresses or threatens you most?
  • Why do you think this aspect upsets you?
  1. What can you do to counteract discrimination and abuse?


Learning outcomes (LOs)
LO 2
SOCIAL DEVELOPMENTThe learner will be able to demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to constitutional rights and responsibilities, and to show an understanding of diverse cultures and religions.
Assessment standards(ASs)
We know this when the learner:
2.1 discusses the application of human rights as stated in the South African Constitution;
2.2 explains how to counter gender stereotyping and sexism;
2.3 discusses the significance of volunteer organisations;
2.4 explains how recognition of diverse cultures can enrich South African society;
2.5 explains the role of oral traditions and scriptures in a range of the world’s religions.

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