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Life orientation

Grade 9

My future career

Module 9



Your interests are the things you like and are the things that you enjoy doing. Your school learning areas should consist of subjects in which you are really interested.

Complete the questions in the questionnaire below by using the following scale:

I have no interest in it : 1

I have a slight interest in it: 2

I have a reasonable interest in it: 3

I have a very strong interest in it : 4

Work with figures 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Work carefully
Work accurately
Think logically
Good at spotting an error
Work with a good plan
Problem solving
Think logically
Use common sense when reflecting on things
Can reason well
Can use information well
Use principles and rules in solving problems
Practical ability
Like working with hands
Am able to think of a plan to get something done
Can easily repair machines, radios and other items
Can make clothes or do other needlework and mending
Like cooking
Design items
Create new things and ideas
Use imagination
Speaking and writing
Am able to communicate and reason well
Perform with confidence
Can influence others
Can write creatively
Can solve interpersonal problems
Working with people
Like to explain / show others how to do something
Will admonish others
Show affection to others around you
Can make people change their opinion

Academic profile

In order to attempt to determine our aptitude further, we are going to keep a record of our achievements in our various learning areas.

Write your learning areas in the table below, and then write down your achievements in each of the learning areas, as indicated.

LEARNING AREAS End Grade 8 Grade 9Term 1 Grade 9Term 2 Grade 9Term 3 Grade 9Term 4

Have you acquired any other knowledge already? Do you sometimes help your parents with something? Have you already followed a course somewhere else?


orientation to the world of workThe learner will be able to make informed decisions about further study and career choices.
ASSESSMENT STANDARDS: We know this when the learner:
5.1 researches study and career funding providers;
5.2 motivates own career and study choices;
5.3 critically reflects and reports on opportunities in the workplace;
5.4 discusses rights and responsibilities in the workplace;
5.5 outlines a plan for own lifelong learning.

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