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Lecture 6. altered genes are mutations

The DNA sequences from two individuals of the same species are highly similar - differing by only about one nucleotide in 1,000. A mutation is, most simply, an alteration in a DNA sequence.  This change may or may not lead to a change in the protein coded by the gene.  A change that has no effect on protein sequence or function is termed a polymorphism and is a part of the normal variation present in the human genome.  Often, however, a change in a DNA sequence will result in the disruption of gene function that we term "Clinical Manifestations" in the Clinical Integration Model .  The altered protein that results from a mutation can disrupt the way a gene functions, and this can lead to clinical disease.  How these mutations manifest themselves depends on each individual's unique genetic endowment and interactions with their environment. 

Furthermore, the change may or may not be passed on to subsequent generations.  If, as in non-familial cancer, the mutation occurs in isolated somatic cells , it will not be passed on to subsequent generations.  Only those mutations occurring to the DNA in the gametes (egg or sperm) will potentially be passed on to offspring.  If the mutation is passed on to the offspring, they will carry this mutation in all of the cells in their body.  

Following is a brief review of different types of mutations:

Base pair substitution

Replacement of one DNA base by another in the DNA sequence. Replacement of nucleotide bases can have several possible consequences.

Missense mutation

An amino acid residue in the original protein may be replaced by a different one in the mutated protein.

Nonsense mutation

The codon for an amino acid residue within the original protein is changed to a stop codon, which leads to a premature termination of the protein resulting in a non functional protein.

Silent mutation

  The codon for an amino acid is changed, but the same amino acid is still coded for.  This is possible because some amino acids are coded for by multiple codons.  For example, the sequences UGC and UGU both code for Cysteine.

Frameshift mutation

A deletion or insertion of any number of bases other than a multiple of three bases has a much more profound effect. Such frameshift mutation results in a complete change in the amino acid sequence downstream from the point of mutation, instead of simply a change in the number of amino acids.  

Deletions, insertions, and duplications

Deletions or insertions may be large or small. Large insertions and deletions in coding regions almost invariably prevent the production of useful proteins. The effect of short deletions or insertions depends on whether or not they involve multiples of three bases. If one, two, or more whole codons (three base pairs or any multiple of three) are removed or added, the consequence is the deletion or addition of a corresponding number of amino acid residues.  Sometimes, an entire gene can be inserted (duplicated) or deleted.  The effects of these types of mutations depend on where in the genome they occur and how many base pairs are involved.  

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