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Space adventure

Educator section


To the educator

Using progress reports and profiles of the learners in Grade 1, the Grade 2 educator can assess the ability of each learner in the class.

The Grade 2 educator also needs to know which work has been covered in Grade 1 so that she can revise, consolidate and re-teach where necessary, before proceeding to the Grade 2 phonics, writing, reading etc. Make sure the learners understand the written instructions on each page. The learners furthermore need to know where and when to go for help when doing written work e.g. finding out how to spell a word etc.

The slower learners need continual support whereas the fast learners can be given additional work based on the activities for further stimulation.

Time schedule for the modules 1 – 7

All learners should complete all seven modules during the year. Allow them to progress at their own speed covering ± one and a half modules per term.

Learners are introduced to space, the moon, plants, astronauts etc. Creativity is developed by means of a story and the learners respond by writing a series of fictional paragraphs.

Non-fiction passages supply the knowledge presented about space at this stage.

  • Phonics: ay and ai , ar and or

Integration of themes

  • Social justice

Discuss attitudes towards people / living beings of other cultures and origins. How are we the same / different?

Moon facts

The moon revolves around the Earth. It takes 28 days to travel around the Earth. We cannot see the moon by day because of the brightness of the sun, but sometimes we are able to see it. The Earth is six times bigger than the moon.

There is no water or air on the moon. The astronauts who travel there in their spacecraft, have to wear spacesuits when they walk on the moon. They carry air tanks just like divers who go underwater. Because the gravity is not so strong on the moon, the astronauts are lighter and have to wear heavy shoes to keep them firmly on the surface of the moon. Because there is no air or water, there cannot be wind or rain and nothing can grow on the moon. The footprints from the astronauts who have walked on the moon will always remain there.

Introduce the ay and ai sounds. Build up lists of words with these sounds. Explain that ay usually occurs at the end of a word.

LO 1.3.2

Leaner section



Choose ay or ai to complete the following words:

1. The tr _ _n left the station.

2. We went to pl _ _ with a friend.

3. I will p_ _nt a picture of the sea.

4. What d_ _ is it tomorrow?

5. Take an umbrella. It m_ _ r_ _n .

  • Label each picture using the correct ay / ai sound.
  • The following words are jumbled. Sort the letters to spell the words correctly.
Intsa ……………………..
Liam ……………………..
Dya ……………………..
Nipa ……………………..
Nali ……………………..
  • Pretend that you were the creatures from Earth that landed on the moon.
  • Describe your journey to the moon. Begin like this 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blast off. Here we go. Off to the moon.

I feel

I can see

LO 4.1 LO 4.2.1 LO 4.3.1 LO 4.5.2
  • We are about to land on the moon. Spunky and Zooty are there, hoping to make friends. What do you think when you see them? Remember, Spunky said that you ran back into your spaceship. What do you think when he picks you up? Try to describe what Spunky looks like.
  • In the story Spunky makes friends with the creatures from Earth by humming and then he lets them go back to Earth. What will happen to you? Write what happens here.

Spunky thought that the creatures had two skins because he saw the creatures taking off their space suits. Look at the picture of an astronaut’s suit. Discuss the picture with your teacher. See if you can label the picture correctly.

You can’t see the astronaut’s space underwear. This is a cooling suit, which they wear next to their skin because they get very hot inside the spacesuits. The material has a network of tubes filled with water, which helps the astronaut not to get too hot.

LO 4.1.1 LO 4.8

1. Cooling suit under spacesuit

2. Layers of material in spacesuit

3. Controls for the suit. The display panel shows if the suit is working properly. If he is running short of oxygen or water, lights will start flashing.

4. Notebook.

5. Space helmet with a dark visor to keep out the sun’s ultra-violet rays. The astronauts wear a special cap underneath it with a microphone and headphone.

6. Portable life support system. This backpack has all his supplies of water and oxygen which he would need for six hours.

7. Manned Manoeuvring Unit . This is a sort of engine, which helps the astronaut move around in space. It has 24 small jets, which push him along.

What would happen if the astronaut didn’t wear heavy boots to walk on the moon?


Do you think astronauts can really take off their suits when they are on the moon?


LO 5.3.1 LO 5.3.2 LO 5.3.3 LO 5.3.4


Learning Outcome 4: WRITING : The learner is able to write different kinds of factual and imaginative texts for a wide range of purposes.

Assessment Standard 4.1: We know this when the learner uses pre-writing strategies to initiate writing:

4.1.1 participates in group brainstorming activities to get ideas for writing;

Assessment Standard 4.2: We know this when the learner writes for different purposes;

4.2.1 writes drafts and short texts for different purposes:

Assessment Standard 4.3: We know this when the learner revises own writing:

4.3.1 discusses own and others’ writing to get or give feedback;

Assessment Standard 4.5: We know this when the learner builds vocabulary and starts to spell words so that they can be read and understood by others:

4.5.2 spells common words correctly;

Assessment Standard 4.8: We know this when the learner writes captions for pictures.:

Learning Outcome 5: REASONING : The learner is able to use language to think and reason, and access, process and use information).

Assessment Standard 5.3: We know this when the learner uses language to investigate and explore:

5.3.1 asks questions and searches for explanations;

5.3.2 offers solutions and alternatives;

5.3.3 uses knowledge about variety of text sources to choose relevant materials, and is able to give reasons for the choice;

5.3.4 uses simple strategies for getting and recording information (e.g. library search with help of adult or older learner).

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