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Bonny and tommy visit the zoo

Educator section


  • Number Concept to 1 000 (These are the minimum requirements for Grade 3.)
  • Operations:
  • Addition – two and three digit numbers with and without regrouping of the tens and/or hundreds.
  • Subtraction – two and three digit numbers with and without regrouping of the tens and/or hundreds.
  • Multiplication – two and three digit numbers with a one digit number, with or without regrouping of the tens.
  • Division – two digit numbers with a one digit number with regrouping of the tens but without a remainder, e.g. 75 ÷ 5 =

(In the following module remainders with regrouping of the tens are practised again).

In Module 6 the number concept is extended to 1000 . Addition and subtraction is done with two- and three-digit numbers, with and without regrouping of tens and hundreds. Multiplication is done with two- and three-digit numbers with and without regrouping of tens. Division is done with two-digit numbers and regrouping of tens only, without a remainder in Module 6,

e.g. 75 ÷ 5 = ≤ (In the following module, the remainder will be included in regrouping.)

Learners need to know what the actual paper money looks like: R10-, R20-, R50-, R100- and R200-notes.

They must understand the values and be able to do simple calculations.

Explain what drawing to scale signifies. They will have to be able to grasp this concept very well before they will be able to calculate the lengths of the elephants’ trunks. Provide similar examples to ensure that they are able to do the exercise.

The learners need to develop a concrete image of the numerical value of 1000 .

999 + 1 completes a ten that is taken to the tens to complete 10 tens which make a hundred . The hundred is taken to the hundreds to complete 10 hundreds . These make a group of a thousand which has to be taken to the thousands .

1000: the 1 represents 1 group of a thousand and the 3 noughts are the placeholders for the hundreds, tens and units.

Once the learners have completed the number block, it must be used for many counting exercises in tens and hundreds, counting forwards and backwards.

If learners are still struggling to master doubling and halving, they should be encouraged to use the "cloud" to assist the thinking process.

First work orally with similar examples using letter values, before allowing the learners to do the worksheet.

Multiplication with three-digit numbers, with regrouping of the tens, must first be practised orally and in the concrete.

Let the learners count in 9’s before asking them to write it.

Help them to realise that it is easier to start by adding 10 and subtracting 1 than it is to add 9. The opposite is done when 9 is subtracted: take away 10 and add 1. Let them use counters.

If 10c and 1c pieces are used to explain the idea of regrouping tens during division, the learners will be helped to grasp that the tens have to be broken up a nd regrouped with the ones before it can be shared out. (Play money could be used.)

The learners may need much practice before they will have enough skill to complete the worksheet.

It might help them to draw the diagrams.

The decision to make use of carried numbers is left to the educator.

First supply paper shapes for dividing into tens, so that the learners may discover for themselves that tenths , like thirds and fifths, have to be calculated and measured. It is not simply a matter of folding and folding again as in the case of a ½ and a ¼ .

Guide them to discover that they, by first obtaining fifths , can divide each fifth down the middle to obtain tenths .

Discuss symmetrical shapes with the learners. Let them identify symmetrical objects in the classroom. They should complete the drawing after this exercise.

Leaner section


Activity: money notes [lo 1.6]

  • Bonny and Tommy each paid an entry fee of R10. Dad and Mom each paid R20. How much did they pay altogether?

They paid R_______ .

  • Dad paid with a R200-note. How much change did he get?

He got R________ change.

  • Do you know what all the money notes look like? Which animals are on each of these notes?

R10 _________________________________________________________________

R20 _________________________________________________________________

R50 _________________________________________________________________

R100 ________________________________________________________________

R200 ________________________________________________________________

  • For which notes could I exchange the following?


4 R20-notes are R______

3 R50-notes are R______

9 R10-notes are R______

10 R100-note are R______

______ R10-notes are R90

______ R100-notes are R500

______ R200-notes are R600

______ R50-notes are R400

  • Count the money in the till at the zoo:

The entrance fee at the zoo has been increased to R25 for an adult and R15 for a child. Give the total cost for:

6 adults and 4 children: R_______ + R_______ = R_______

4 adults and 1 0 children: R_______ + R_______ = R_______

1 0 adults and 8 children: R_______ + R_______ = R_______

  • Use any method to see if you can help me with this problem. Twelve people visited the zoo. They paid R260 in all. How many of them were adults and how many were children?


Learning Outcome 1: The learner will be able to recognise, describe and represent numbers and their relationships, and to count, estimate, calculate and check with competence and confidence in solving problems.

Assessment Standard 1.6: We know this when the learner solves money problems involving totals and change in rands and cents, including converting between rands and cents.

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I'd like to know if there's any?
I've heard about Coronavirus Anxiety Scale (CAS). It works as a mental health screener but I'm not sure anyone can do the test except psychologist
Thanks !
explain the function how intelligence and learning function together
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Learning comes before intelligence Learning could be the process of acquiring knowledge. Or the ability to gain knowledge Whereas intelligence is the display of acquired knowledge.
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Our early childhood experiences are important in the development of our personalities. It kind of shapes our behaviour and mannerism.
Especially in choosing career
😅Well that's complicated. It differs from person to person.
The early childhood or let's say your upbringing plays a vital role in driving your emotions. If one did not have a pleasant childhood it's highly likely they are more vulnerable to depression or some other psychological condition.
how to change the emotion?
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change the thought at hand .
Then I'm assuming the mind will begin to let go of the prior emotion.
Yes right. Think about something else, then emotion will follow.
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give him so time. I think you should let him figure out his own feelings. plus, you did the right thing. he needs to know that not everyone will give him what he wants.
Don't be stressed out . You did right thing. but remember one thing don't show angry gestures to him or don't try to make him realize by teasing or scolding. If you try to be humble and patient, he may understand his mistake on his own.
Hi everyone! So i'm gonna be a college freshman soon and i'm gonna major in Psychology😬 but lately i've been worrying about what job i'm gonna have after getting my Bachelor's degree. Any tips or advice?
Angelique Reply
I think minimum of a masters degree is needed in order to get a job once you do mphil and phd u gonna get licence to work as a clinical psychologist and a lot more options 😊best wishes
hi...my brother gets angry with me anytime I say no to him for anything he ask for and stop talking to me every time I only have to say sorry..so I decided this time not to say sorry he haven't talked to me at all what should I do please help me
I think it's just a matter of ego and pride.they may have a kind of feeling like if they apologize it hurts their integrity and pride. Some people never admit they are wrong and it creates stress in the other person. .some people are not empathetic and they always want to feel cared n lovedbyother
so what can we do..if you are a person who always says sorry it's a good indicator that you have such a broad mind where you are ready to solve problems n you love them even though they are bad at you..basically everyone in this whole world is selfish..humans are selfish but there are some people
like you whom God created just to solve problems and lead other people in a better way..what you should do is create a beautiful bonding bw your bro ask him softly about his problems..love him more..and eventually he may become softer and lovable
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hi..I have a problem.i will emotional fast, every time when I will give any seminar or etc I will get so emotional and I will cry on the stage....what can I do? give me a solution please
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try to think why your on stage and the audience arnt, try to stay positive and maybe meditate before your performance
well i personally suggest trying to practice a lot to other people or to yourself be4 stuff like seminars (like rehearsing), but i think you should ask other people too. also like quora is a good place to ask questions and u might get more/better feedback
i know this is a psychology app, but quora is specifically designed for asking and answering questions (also ask friends/family/etc)
Coz u scared of society so that ur confidence is very low ...
Take deep breaths it might sound silly but it actually works.. calms your body and mind.don not focus on things like it may go wrong...or what people will think...just prepare and present..💖
Being emotionl is nt a fault,its gud dat u atleast knw abt it.Accept ur feelings/emotions.Dis time know wht's mking u cry.Is it d topic or ur intrnl feeling abt ur performance?if it's abt prfrmnce jus know dat none s perfect & b confident in ur subjct by practicing it.Remember None can play ur role.
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psychology is the study of human behaviour,mental processes and experiences.It id because behaviour cant be stable over a period of time hence,it considered subjective.morover, human experiences cant be objective
Rija Reply
Is this a Statement OR a Question ? all things considered, psch has come a long way in its relatively short life. i was getting an "art" degree, when I enrolled, the Pseudo science changed and I landed a science degree instead (worth more when employers look at it)
human behavior is fascinating if you ask me, my 1st degree was criminology/investigations, the ultimate goal of the field is control <~~ sounds terrible but in reality it's more about learning to predict the behaviors we need prevented & find a way to stop them before the next school shooting or btk
It's needs to be tackle at young age before it heads to the teens stage then sometimes they don't wanna hear it or un cool
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Vijaya Reply
@Vjaya are you OK?
u should have hope in life...its not that hard as you think...dont give up even though I don't know what you are talking about just pray..breathe...relax..eveything will be fine 💖
would you like to talk? I'm an advocate for suicide prevention .
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listen buddy if you keep having those thoughts you will manifest bad energy, i recommend listening to positive subliminals for your subconscious mind, and try being positive, it doesn't have to be real just fake it until you make it
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Vijaya I wish I could Help you-
if you're having suicidal thoughts or anything like that, please contact a suicide hotline b/c i think they could help u more more than we could 1-800-273-8255 there are probs other ones just search it
how are you feeling tho? im kinda confused by the question and i didnt even know this app had a discussion thing
please call suicide hotline though if you are having suucidal thoughts because they can really help you (definitely more than some of us could) 1-800-273-8255
please call suicide hotline though if you are having suucidal thoughts because they can really help you (definitely more than some of us could)
is anyone there
@vijaya if ur still reading comments, idrk what u meant but please do stay safe and get help if you're feeling badly
please what is the difference between illusion and hallucination
Okugo Reply
a Hallucination is not real it is a false perception however in illusion is real but it's made to be out to be something different than what it is
hope that helps
hallucination is an experience involving the apparent perception of something not present. illusion is a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses.
like u see a rope and if you perceive it as a snake it's illusion
And if you feel like something crawling into your body(in reality such a thing is not happening)that is hallucination
I hope examples will make it more clear for you
and even hearing voices when no one has spoken is also hallucination
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