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Body parts are discussed and educators can assess the learners’ auditory perception, spatial orientation and sequencing skills.

Learners read and illustrate the sentences, poems and rhymes and are taught the writing patterns and the corresponding letters viz. v , w , n , and m .

These sounds are also taught.

Integration of themes

  • A Healthy environment

The Wops family live in the forest, have no amenities like electricity and spacious homes.

They live a life dependant on nature; fruit and berries, etc. They therefore look after their habitat. We should follow their example and care for our environment.

  • Social Justice

Although the Wops have no earthly riches they are warm, friendly and helpful. People do not have to be rich to gain our friendship. Be sensitive towards people who have different cultures and who lead different kinds of lives.

  • Human rights

Everyone has the right to have shelter and food. Children should be cared for by their parents.

Educator questions the learners.

  • It is important for them to memorise the way to Willy's house in correct sequence, as the next activity for them to do is to place the pictures in the right order.
  • The learners use their completed pages to re-tell the way to the Wops.

Educator Page

  • How well did the learners listen?
  • The educator questions the learners and assesses their listening skills.
  • Discuss the problems they think Willy and his family could experience.
  • Suggest solutions that the wise old owl might offer.
  • Make a beautiful wise old owl in the art class using scraps of brown, grey, white and black paper.
  • Tear the paper into small pieces and arrange them on the owl, drawn by the educator.
  • Assess visual discrimination. Learners match the shapes on the top half of the page to those on the bottom half, join them with a line and colour them. On the following page word shapes are matched to line shapes.
  • Learners can read the sentences, then cut along the lines, shuffle the sentences and build new ones, e.g. "Daddy cooks the food". These could be used several times until learners can recognise and read them fluently. Ask the learners to practise at home. Keep words and sentences in a container or plastic bag.
  • Listening exercises for either outside or in the classroom.

Leaner section


Chapter 3: licky lizard and the

Wise Old Owl.

Willy has many friends in the forest. He plays with all the other Wop children. Sometimes they quarrel, but Mummy and Daddy have taught him that quarrelling and fighting with friends is not the way to behave. Willy tries hard to be friendly and polite to everyone, even to his family.

Willy loves the creatures of the forest, except of course the sly old foxes who steal their food and frighten Willy and his friends. Willy loves to listen to Mr Mole's stories about his travels, and he and Walter the warthog play for hours in the forest, visiting all their secret hide-outs. Willy has a pet, Licky Lizard, who sits on Willy's shoulder and goes everywhere Willy goes.

All the Wops are very fond of the wise old owl. He doesn't talk much but his ears are always wide open. He sees everything and he knows everything. When the Wops have a problem, they always ask the wise old owl. He has a solution for any problem.

Perhaps we also love our family and friends as much as Willy loves his. We are going to hear more stories about Willy's adventures and I am sure you are going to wish that you could sometimes visit Willy in the forest. I'll ask him if you may.

  • How well did we listen?
LO 1.3 LO 5.2.1


Learning Outcome 1: LISTENING: The learner is able to listen for information and enjoyment and respond appropriately and critically in a wider range of situations.

Assessment Standard 1.3: We know this when the learner listens with enjoyment to short stories, rhymes, poems and songs form a variety of cultures, and shows understanding;

Learning Outcome 5: THINKING AND REASONING : The learner is able to use language to think and reason, and access, process and use information for learning.

Assessment Standard 5.2: We know this when the learner uses language to think and reason:

5.2.1 understands and uses language for logic and reasoning.

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