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This module emphasizes the use of Kidspiration in the classroom of lower elementary schools. The use of this module is based on Kidspiration with a Reading/Language Arts subject context. This module is to help understand and utilize this technology in the classroom through examples, instructions, and description of its purpose.


Kidspiration is a new technology that helps children develop their thoughts and new information with a graphic organizer. The students will begin to recognize symbols in place of words to help them navigate through each subject. Teachers can use this tool for all subjects and each section of Kidspiration has a variety of templates to help the students organize and understand the materials necessary for a particular unit. Students are connecting with their subject materials through hands-on experience through technology. The product Kidspiration is a new way to develop stronger thinking skills and new methods of comprehending other subjects including: Social Studies, Reading/Language Arts, Math, and Science.

“Kidspiration provides a cross-curricular visual workspace for K-5 learners. Students use visual tools combining pictures, text, numbers and spoken words to develop vocabulary, word recognition, comprehension, reasoning and problem solving skills”. (Inspiration.com/kidspiration)

The students studying Reading and Language Arts will develop stronger reading and writing skills through Kidspiration. Kidspiration offers students graphic organizers to help them complete their reading and writing tasks. The software provides children character webs, story plot organizers, and basic brainstorming strategies.

Our mission is to understand how Kidspiration is helpful for students in Reading/Language Arts. The students should be able to utilize this tool during class and outside of class. The main use of this software for Reading/Language Arts is to strengthen students word study, literacy, organizing thoughts, remembering elements of thoughts (characters, story plot, setting, etc...), and basic comprehension.

Kidspiration 101

Kidspiration is a workspace that the student can work independently or in collaborative groups. This workspace allows children to explore, expand their thinking, and creatively learn about each individual subject. This interdisciplinary technology helps students to navigate and work simple applications in order to complete each task. Kidspiration is a fun way of keeping the children focused and interested on the subject. This application is important for children because it is an easy method to organize and develop new ideas. The program has instructions for the students and symbols to help the students comprehend where everything this. The students can add a personal touch by selecting words, symbols, and pictures to describe their workspace.

The Kidspiration Software is available in a package which includes a Getting Started Guide, the installation CD, and a Reference Card. The software is also available for downloading from the Inspiration Website. The software costs around $70 and up depending on the package chosen. The website has several resources available for purchasing and viewing to help with the educational process using Kidspiration. There are lesson plans, activities, and examples to help the students and teachers navigate around this technology.

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