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Minutes of the New York Etching Club's eighth year.

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1884 events

  • The New York Etching Club held its annual exhibition from February 4 through March 1 at the National Academy of Design, and published a catalogue, illustrated with original etchings, to accompany and record the show.
  • In 1884, the Society of Painter-Etchers exhibited in a separate section of the 14th Autumn Exhibition of Modern Pictures at the Walker Gallery, Liverpool. The following members of the New York Etching Club had work included in this show: Frederick S. Church, Samuel Colman, Frederick Dielman, John M. Falconer, Henry Farrer, I. M. Gaugengigl, Robert S. Gifford, James A. S. Monks, Mary Nimmo Moran, Peter Moran, Thomas Moran, J. C. Nicoll, Stephen Parrish, Joseph Pennell, Charles A. Platt, George. H. Smillie, James D. Smillie, Charles A. Vanderhoof, and Kruseman van Elten.
  • The Association of Canadian Etchers was founded in Toronto on July 23, 1884.
  • A Catalogue of Etchings by Stephen Parrish, 1879-1883, was privately published and released by the artist. Descriptions of the plates and ten etchings made specifically for the volume were included in this unique prototype of the modern catalogue raisonné. In the New York Public Library’s copy of the Stephen Parrish catalogue is a note to then-print collection curator Weidenkampf, dated August 31,1915: “Dear Mr. Weidenkampf: I have yours of yesterday about the extra catalogue. Oh do not return it! You think more highly of it than it deserves. I had but 50 copies of it made, gave some to collectors and friends and had 10 or a dozen left. I sent one a few days ago to a man interested in Etching, and wrote him he could look it over and then consign it to a top shelf amidst the dust from which I had just taken it in my studio. To me, my own Etching has had its day as ‘every dog has’ his. You have given me no trouble in the matter whatever and I shall be glad to hear from you always, believe me. Sincerely yours Stephen Parrish.” Nine of the etchings in the catalogue are miniature reproductions of larger originals; one was made specifically for the catalogue.

January 11th 1884-

A Special meeting was held at this date in the Secretary’s studio. It was called to order by the President at half past eight P. M. with messers – Farrer, Dielman, Moran, Nicole, Sabin, and Wood, present.

The proposition of Messers Cassell&Co. to publish an additional volume of “Original Etchings by American Artists” upon the same general conditions as last year was considered. After considerable discussion, certain changes in the wording and conditions of the proposed circular were suggested and the following resolution passed.

Resolved. That the proposition of Messers Cassell&Co. to publish a second volume of “Original Etchings by American Artists is hereby accepted, and the Executive Committee are authorized to make all necessary arrangements. The referenced volume of etchings was indeed published by Cassell&Co. and released in 1885. An earlier volume involving New York Etching Club members, published in 1883, was also released by Cassell&Co.

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