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Best global practices in lifelong learning

The best innovative practices in a European community are categorized under the following factors:

  • Process-oriented innovation
  • Goal-oriented innovation
  • Context-oriented innovation

Implications of best innovative practices in lifelong learning

  • Process-oriented innovation implies development of new methods, tools, or approaches, or improvement of existing methods.
  • Goal-oriented innovation implies formulation of new objectives. For example, active involvement of local communities in the development of basic competencies.
  • Context-oriented innovation are concerned with system(s) development and implies political and institutional structures and holistic approaches to integrate to sustainable human development.

Priorities for action

  1. Valuing learning
  2. Information guidance&counseling
  3. Investing time&money in learning
  4. Bringing together learners and learning opportunities
  5. Applying innovative pedagogy

Valuing learning by, for example, developing tools for assessing competencies and methodologies.

Information guidance and counseling by orienting people to manage their knowledge.

Investing time and money in learning by collaboration between public&private bodies.

Bringing together learners and learning opportunities by showing how “normal” instruments such as TV, popular music and theater, rituals, arts, books and reading can be used as powerful levers for inclusion through lifelong learning.

Innovative and critical pedagogy by adaptability to contexts and constructing knowledge through Constructive socio-cultural and holistic approaches to learning.


A knowledge–based society is a promising and challenging Global scenario with the advent of ICT in the 21st century. It carries both opportunities for personal advancement and the threat of being ‘left behind.” Opportunities provided to citizens through lifelong learning are a potential tool for empowerment. As pro-active lifelong learners we need to be equipped with new competencies as we construct knowledge personally through social processes and culture. To be equipped with the key competencies for lifelong learning in a knowledge society could be considered as a right and obligation of every human being.

Concluding point

It is high time to consider lifelong learning as a moral duty and/or ethical value of the Citizen of the world.


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