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The needed changes in university leadership programs require bold thinking, courageous action, and a sustained commitment for continual help and support to the graduates of their programs (The Wallace Foundation, 2008). Orr (2006) adds that leadership programs should be innovative, focused, and authentic in their approaches to instruction, course work, and field experiences. The training and preparation future principal’s receive from their programs of choice must be fully aware of the challenging expectations facing administrators in the coming years. Sustained student learning and continuous school success are key constructs to the longevity of a principal as well as their certainty for achieving the advanced certification. The advanced certification not only recognizes the efforts of the students but also a leadership program’s effectiveness to prepare them for the daunting role of the principalship.

Implications for the profession and leadership programs

Principals receive very few professional accolades for the job they do. Internal and external pressures lead many to leave the profession after serving only a few years in the position thus necessitating an introspective examination of how future leaders are prepared, develop leadership skills, and adopt leadership practices that sustain and maintain student success. With this in mind, current practices and curriculum designs in preparation programs cannot be stagnant or based on teaching traditional managerial skills.

The Wallace Foundation (2008) supports the concept of an exemplary leadership program as one that focuses curricular efforts on developing the instructional abilities of the candidates, training candidates in the use of data to make and initiate school improvements, providing pre-service leaders experiences with real-world situations through applicable internship opportunities, while providing continuing professional training in effective supervisory skills. University programs should embrace each of these and embed these practices, not as “wishful” program components, but expectations of their programs.

Knowing that the possibility of an advanced certification will finally bring recognition to accomplished principal, preparation program should enhance their program’s influence on the essence of school leadership by offering an extended mentoring relationship, involving graduates in research-based conferences and presentations, and staying in constant contact with the National Board Certification process for the advanced certification.

The role of the National Board Certification for Leaders is to establish the assessment tools and evaluation system for the advanced licensure. Their continued work with educational organizations and practitioners will solidify the requirements for this certificate. Instructional leaders who are willing to commit themselves and their schools to continuous improvement, those who choose to create positive learning environments for all children, and those who support effective teaching practices will finally have the recognition they deserve. This effort will help to lay the “groundwork for a new educator, leadership initiative for assistant principals, teachers, and other school-based educators who [can] positively impact the culture of learning in schools” (NBPTS, n.d.a, para. 3).

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