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They will be unannounced and unscheduled.

How you will be evaluated

Your success depends on being prepared for and participating in each class. You are expected to attend every class session on time and to have your homework and textbook reading completed when assigned. Assignments are due on the day of class (during class is preferable but assignments will be accepted via email by midnight of the class day for full credit). Late assignments will be accepted for half credit for one week after the due date. After that, zero points will be given for the assignment. The Late Assignment Coupon may also be used for one late assignment, please write that you are using your one-time coupon on the top of the assignment when you turn it in. All assignments are detailed below. Your grade for the course will be based on:

  • Attendance and Participation (300 pts)
  • Knowledge Check Quizzes (160 pts)
  • Success Journals Five Success Journals (50 pts each)
  • Study skills and Textbook Assignments
    • Academic Success Agreement (20 pts)
    • Time Management Assignment (100 pts)
    • Two SQ3R Mastery Study Sheets (25 pts each)
    • Cornell Lecture Notes (75 pts)
    • Aims Web Scavenger Hunt (50 pts)
    • Vision Board or Roadmap (100 pts)
  • Keeping the End in Mind (300 pts)

Summary grading criteria

  • Attendance and Participation: 300 points
  • Knowledge Check Quizzes: 160 points
  • Success Journals: 250 points
  • Study Skills and Textbook Assignments: 395 points
  • Keeping the End in Mind Assignment: 300 points
  • Total points available: 1405 points

Success journals

Five suggestions for writing a meaningful Success Journal include:

  1. reflect on all parts of the question,
  2. be spontaneous,
  3. be honest,
  4. be creative,
  5. dive deep!

Success Journals are assigned based on current and upcoming classroom topics. These writing assignments should be approximately one typed page (double spaced, 12 pt font, 1 inch margin) or approximately two hand-written pages and should include your thoughts, interpretations, understandings and application of the assignment related to your current experiences and anecdotal information from fellow college students. Points will be deducted if length requirements are not met. The purpose of these assignments is to encourage the internal and external processing of your college experience, learning about yourself, and from the experiences of those around you. The list of Success Journal questions and due dates are below. Instructor will provide grading guideline for Success Journals.

Course outline

Course outline
In-Class Activities Reading Assignments
Week 1: Introduction / Creating Success
  1. Let's Get Started! Introductions and Syllabus Review
  2. Sample Essay MLA Format
  3. Success Journal Criteria
Create - Building Your Own Successful Future
  • Academic Success Agreement (email)
Week 2: Prioritize Planning Time and Reducing Stress Prioritize - Planning Your Time and Reducing Stress
  • Letter to Me Success Journal
  • Time Management Assignment
Week 3: Read Building Successful Reading and Comprehension Skills with SQ3R Read - Building Your Reading and Comprehension Skills
  • SQ3R Mastery Study Sheet (p 211)
Week 4: Record
  1. Cultivating Listening Skills and Developing a Note-taking System for Textbook Notes
  2. Cultivating Listening Skills and Developing a Note-taking System for Lecture Notes
Cultivating Your Listening Skills and Developing a Note-taking System that Works for You
  • Cornell Lecture Notes
  • Academic Success Agreement Self-Evaluation
Week 5: Persist
  1. Understand the Culture of College
  2. Web Scavenger Hunt
  3. Calculating GPA, Student Rights and Responsibilities, Code of Conduct, Civility
Explore - Understanding Your Institution and the Culture of College Web Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
Week 6: Engage
  1. Developing Your Personal and Academic Motivation: Vision Board/Roadmap
  2. Vision Board/Roadmap Presentations
Engage - Developing Your Personal and Academic Motivation Vision Board/Roadmap Assignment
Week 7: Staying Power Staying Power Success Journal
Week 8: Developing a Study Plan
  1. Study Habits Inventory and Analysis
  2. Mindset
Learn - Using Your Dominant Intelligence, Preferred Learning Style, and Unique Personality Type to Become an Active Learner Mindset Success Journal
Week 9: Study
  • Developing Your Memory, Study, and Test-taking Skills
Understand - Empowering Your Memory, Studying Effectively, and Taking Tests With Confidence SQ3R Mastery Study Sheet (p258)
Week 10: Study
  • Developing Your Memory, Study, and Test-taking Skills
  • Stress-free Math Testing
    Bring copy of math test you have completed
Math Success Journal
Week 11: Plan Focusing on Your Future and Professional Career Transition - Planning Your Future
  • 7 Question Success Journal
  • Keeping the End in Mind

Questions & Answers

does psychology deal with love?
Mohammed Reply
Maybe, i think
I definitely would say yes
how so
there are so many different reasons why you can fall in love with someone, many of them develope subconsciously -> psychology
love messes with the brain, a lot, ergo I believe that Psychology does indeed deal with love
what is synapse
Katie Reply
In the central nervous system, a synapse is a small gap at the end of a neuron that allows a signal to pass from one neuron to the next. synapse are found where nerve cells connect with other nerve cells
can you do auto book auto
Mariah Reply
WHT u mean?
heyy, may i join the conversation please?
edem Reply
who is the father of psychology
Richy Reply
and please, how would you guys, describe the study of psychology at college ?
psychologist student?
i mean not yet but am about to start college so wanna know how is it(college in general and psychology course) please
Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour. So if you will take psychology as a subject so you will get to know how your everything (physical, mental, social, spiritual aspects) effects your behaviour
With this brief knowledge you can help people to cope up with their problems and only you can guide them correctly
And if you go for further specialisations you can study hypnosis, face reading, body language etc
Thanks a lot🙏🏾 And ik some of the stuffs u said but i am also going to write thesis, right ?
ok no prob, thanks a lot🙏🏾✨
hae everyone, hope you are well this evning my question is what is the difference between drive and motivation
good question
drive is more like an impulse or urge and i think they both go together (drive and motivation) even if there is a slight difference
@ Michael Drive is delivered to be innate without the use of an external stimuli, motivation normally evolves an outside stimuli which may include praise, appreciate, or reward.
*believed...sorry for typo
@Reginald, can't the motivation come from the inner self?
Good question, please give an example.
can we say desire of success for example
Wilhelm Wundt is the father of psychology
Wilhem Wundt thank you for the road that you opened.
You mean who is the father of having a great educated argumentative guess? nothing is more wrong than this question. The question is you should ask yourselfs is, how sure are you abour their scientific studying? one's percieved assimilated approach to judging another person and saying they are
the biggest problem with scientific research and data is that ya you could get the same result 1000 times then it could go the other way 1000 times, but we would never know that and we did, we would still say ya but the proof is there. The only thing science proves is that humanity has
no facts about human behavior in the scientific context, but more in the trial and error.. sorry to tell you, but so far no one has proven Father of anything, thats up to you and i, judgement is bias, science is good enough lazy
cognitive development is the growing and development of the brain.
Jessy Reply
Anyone knows about Techno-fascism?
Hussein Reply
Ecofascism is a theoretical political model in which an authoritarian government would require individuals to sacrifice their own interests to the "organic whole of nature". The term is also used as a rhetorical pejorative to undermine the environmental movement.
what's the big difference between prejudice and discrimination?
Danice Reply
A prejudiced person may not act on their attitude.  Therefore, someone can be prejudiced towards a certain group but not discriminate against them.  Also, prejudice includes all three components of an attitude (affective, behavioral and cognitive), whereas discrimination just involves behavior
Nancy Lee
what is all about cognitive development?
cognitive development is the growing and development of the brain
how do you control a variable when using spss whilst running a pearsons correlation analysis?
Jessie Reply
it dependa on your study. according to what you want to say and explain your result
why does it say her and she
Jayla Reply
stages of cognitive development
brivia Reply
sensory preoperatinal concrete formal
what is psychology
Chethani Reply
the study of insecurities and the effect on the host .
Psychology is the scientific study of behavior & mental processes
psychology is science about learning human behaviour
In thinking about the case of Candace described earlier, do you think that Candace benefitted or suffered as a result of consistently being passed on to the next grade?
Nene Reply
what is reward
Angeles Reply
reward is a technique to change behaviour
Reward is a way to promote a specific behaviour or to teach someone/ something to behave a specific way or perform a specific task.
a reward is something that is usually associated with desirable behavior. The child got a reward for winning the game. A reinforcer is different in that a reinforcer is anything that increases behavior, even if it is increasing an undesirable behavior.
reward is earned effort realized
why heroine addicted people smoke heroine in a dirty and polluted place ?
Najeem Reply
/i don't know
I believe they don't wanna be seen
Rajendra Singh I'm asking from those who know thanks for your comment
Ruphine it's not a scientific answer
more my personal opinions and experiences than a real answer but more of an answer than the question marks
what's the data or fact that actually say that heroine smokers host in dirty and polluted place.
Generally the more time an addict is using and the harder they use the more their life and everything around them crumbles. it's quite common to find neat respectable clean users but over time the addiction increases and their health declines along with their ability to keep up day to day duties.
I'll see if I can find some links for you to have a read.
hi. as heroine affedted exactly on the brain, it should be because the chages heroine makes on frintal lobe and sensory and motor parts. after a while the cannot behave in a normal way. in a way heroine ruines the neurones
The things said in the thread are some of the most horridly presumptuous & unwarrantedly pretentious statements I've read in my entire life. It's distastefully disrespect, to say the least.
Pouran Hi! thanks for answering I'm agree with your opinion and may the answer be the same
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