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Unlike radio, television is less successful in presenting straight music, but does well where there is a spectacle involved, as in opera and ballet. Other forms of stage shows also translate well into this medium, such as variety and music shows.

With most forms of sport, television succeeds in giving the viewer a seat at the event. With news and its background, television has borrowed the techniques of news-papers and translated them into sound and visual terms.

Colour, first demonstrated in 1928 by John Logie Baird, started coming into general use for television in the 1950’s.

The soap opera

The best known of all programmes is, undoubtedly, the serialised drama, often called a ‘soap opera’, so-called because in the early days many had a soap company as their sponsor.

The story lines and dialogue are simple. The characters are larger than life. The situations are credulous and sometimes far removed from real life, but it provides the audience with escapism and entertainment.

Tricks of the trade

A television performer can appear against a background apparently far from the studio. Originally this was done by back-projection – throwing film of the background on to a transparent screen behind the performer – but this effect can now be produced electronically by a process known as ‘Inlay’. A simpler device is superimposition, in which an image from one camera appears on top of the image from another.

In a sense the majority of television pictures are special effects, because the action takes place on a set in which scenery is used to create an apparent real situation. But as in theatre, the audience is really looking at a room with one wall missing.

Homework for the educator

Tape an episode of any soapie – any episode will do for our exercise

Watch the episode for a second time and make notes on the following:

the different characters and into which categories they fall, e.g. protagonists (the good guys) and the antagonists (the bad guys);

the purpose of each character in the series (is he/she a main character; supporting player; why is (s)he in the episode; what is he doing in order to develop the story or plot);

the different story lines of this specific episode;

the mood of each story line;

special effects ( lighting, explosions, sound, etc.);

the different locations the action took place;

the effective use of close-ups, wide shots, two-shots, etc.;



dynamic use of movement, stillness, sound, silence, light, darkness.


Show the learners the episode

Write aspects you want them to focus on while watching the episode on the board.

Show them the video again.

Class discussion

Discuss the following:

  • Focus: knowing wht the episode is about and how to transmit this meaning more effectively to the audience.
  • Tension: the “pressure” for response; this can take the form of a conflict, a challenge, a surprise, a time restraint or the suspense of not knowing. Tension is what works in a drama to assure the audience’s desire to know what will happen next.
  • Contrasts: Dynamic use of movement, stillness, sound, silence and light nd darkness.

Have the learners consider the following:

  • how were these elements organised in the episode?
  • how did these elements function to connect each of the scenes?
  • how the artistic intention of each actor is served by the use of these elements?

Have them make connections between their own dramas and the episode they have just seen.

Have them compare this soap opera to actual theatre:

  • difference in acting style;
  • plot complications;
  • dialogue delivery;
  • décor;
  • scene changes.


Volunteer a small group of learners to discuss and reach a consensus as to the focus (the key moment) of the episode.

Repeat with a different group of learners.

Ask them to choose a moment in the episode which they feel clearly communicated that focus.

Ask them to re-create that moment.

Have them present the scene to the rest of the class.

Repeat with a different group of learners.

Conduct a discussion exploring the following:

  • the various interpretations of the scene;
  • aspects of their own interpretation and their understanding of the episode;
  • the complex processes involved in creating a scene;
  • how what they saw relates to real life.


Have the learners complete the questionnaire after the class discussion.

Helpful Hints :

encourage participation;

select learners for responses;

be positive throughout;

be constructive in your response to the learners’ comments;

show the video as many times as you think necessary;

prepare the learners beforehand for the activities in order for them to anticipate the experience;

encourage some preliminary reflection and when the learners’ appetites for the activity and provide them with some valuable ‘hooks’, but do not spoil any of the surprises which the episode might hold in store for them;

since they are seeking to clarify and share their understanding of this aspect of dramatic work, it makes good sense to use drama strategies to aid them in exploring, expressing and sharing their different ideas – like the ‘Practical” exercise and questionnaire for example.

Questions & Answers

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mCQ creativity involves
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is a greek word means soul
a branch of knowledge
psych means soul and ology means to study.
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Try to talk with someone you trust and join people who makes you feel worthy. try to help someone. Helping someone makes you feel better
I think you must seek professional help.
I am extremely sorry for your loss...I know that the pain of your loss is overwhelming and that you are experiencing all kinds of difficult and unexpected emotions. please don't get me wrong but the best way to cope is to move on..i know its hard..but that's the only way..(continued.)
stop burdening yourself with thoughts that say you could have done something..you couldn't..your just a human being and you cant always be a superman who saves the day..please dont feel guilty when you have no reason to..(cont.)
learn to love yourself again..learn to live ..for yourself,for the people who love you and need you in their lives.live for people who you once loved...Think about how you can make your life meaningful once again.It might seem impossible but trust me its necessary ..
Let your feelings of pain out ..you dont have to suffer ..talk to people whom you trust and love. take care and have a beautiful life ahead.
First and foremost -- Wow Rowdy! You have been through a highly difficult situation in your life, hands down. As a wife, I simply cannot phathom nor imagine slightly the feelings and thoughts you bare and I'm sure as these words do not help and hit rewind; my heart and prayers are going out to you-
today. I will say as well, everything you are feeling and going through, please know that these feelings and thoughts are all allowed, it is okay for you to find yourself feeling or thinking things that you would never find yourself wanting especially given the situation. I'm sure you question --
yourself, which in turn could make you question who you are right now and what this means for you as a person now and in the future. This is all okay, but there will have to be an understanding as to how to grow from these feelings and thoughts in a more humane manner l as these feelings and ---
thoughts could take a turn for a much more negative outcome as you find yourself trapped in a darkness that, if strong enough, trials and tribulations take years of complex development and experience, less strong minded individuals sometimes either never find the light, or end up being stuck in ----
a subconscious netherworld as they are consumed given the manipulation that was not understood to overcome. It results in losing all sense of heart, faith, soul and intelligence so that you don't grow, which in your case, growth is crucial. This is what your spouse will do their best in trying -----
to guide you through; keep an your senses wide open so that you can learn when she is trying to communicate.
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***courses.lumenlearning.com /boundless-sociology/chapter/theories-of-socialization/
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Legal psychology
Developmental psychology, Sports psychology , Clinical psychology , Marketing psychology , counseling psychology , Biological psychology, Educational psychology , Positive psychology etc.
social, occupational psychology
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the cortex refers to what part of the brain
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I think the summation of good and bad deeds you do in your life. Accidentally or otherwise.
Yes. I totally agree.
And if it is bad then the root must have been too.
Yes , In Hinduism we also believe that our parent's Karma also applies to us ! Don't know about that , but it kept people in check .
Adding to Swarada point. karma can be good or bad. both will have consequences. karma is biasedness you have shown in your life. like a king could not have two rules for normal man and his son, that comes under karma.
Oh perfectly said!
Ok. It is also said that when one does something... bad or good..it will come back to you 10 folds of the same.
yea that too ! I remember my mother always said if u stole someone's 10 rupees ur 100 will be stolen ( excuse my English ! I'm a non - English speaking person)
karma is nothing but what one usually mean when they say- what you sow, so shall you reap.
more important.. this concept was told by lord Krishna as part of spirituality, to focus on your good deed ,the purpose you are born for and your responsibilities. Not for hoping that bad will happen with people who made you feel bad. just giving example ;)
karma is the boomerang of your actions. what u put out in the universe u get back
Who is the founder of psychology
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Wilhelm wundt
Wilhelm Wundt
William wundth
Wilhelm Wundt
and William James
Wilhelm Wundt
Wilhelm Wundt is the founder of structuralism
Yes and also the "Father of Psychology" I think the correct word is Father not Founder.
oh ok. noted
i believe it goes beyond him I believe it is Ancient but un formalized
I like your answer Swarada
Oh thanks! But u summarised it well!
what is up my fellow psych peeps!!
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Sawrada Founder of Psychology is W.Wundt but Father of Psychology is Sigmund Freud...
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George Mason, Penn State, UVA, university of Michigan
Hi I'm currently doing my experimental psychology research can you suggest a topic or research topic for my research thank you and please see 😊
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Hello Jerico. I could help you out with some ideas if you're interested!
can u give me some ideas too?
For sure. It depends if you're trying to do an experiment (using statistics probably) or a case study what are you aiming for?
Hello Jerico. Try to opt for something simple and easy to do. I wouls say perhaps study the effects of color on concentration? You could get a group of people and have them take a memory test (you can find some online) in a white room for example. Then have them take another memory test
similar to the first one but in a different room and then you check the responses if the performance is better
but you have to know that a lot of factors will interfere in the performance such as mental state etc so make sure to choose a certain specific population. that's very important
you could be a bit more specific about it , to isolate the variables that can mess it up like age, sex, etc... you gotta take that into account
so that the results get somewhat accurate
that is very detailed information I really like it thank you very much 😊 your so very kind
You're very welcome
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Astral Projection
Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a medical treatment that is most commonly used in patients with severe major depression.
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