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English first additional language

Grade 9

Hidden treasures

Module 10

Listening to a story

Hidden Treasures

We’re going on a treasure hunt to uncover hidden treasures. Yes, you are going to learn about your environment, but also about a wealth of treasures within you! It’s time you discover your hidden potential so that you can develop your talents.

Each activity you do, will reveal a treasure to enrich your listening, speaking, reading, writing, thinking and language use. Once you have mastered these treasures, many doors will open to you, and your understanding of life and yourself will be so much better.

On this map you are going to plot your journey of discovery. Each time you feel you have achieved the skill/s of an activity, you will make a large X on the relevant spot on the map. At the end of your journey you will be able to see the skills you have mastered! This will serve as a summary of what you have learnt.

It is very important that you are totally honest with yourself. Do not plot a skill that you do not understand. This is not a test. By being honest, you enable both yourself and your educator to see which skills you need to revise.

Activity 1:

To understand and appreciate stories

[lo 1.1]

Telling and enjoying stories is as old as the hills and still adds to our enjoyment of history and life.

  • Your educator is now going to read you a passage about a young man, Martin Davis, who dug deep into himself to become a talented trapeze artist.
  • After your educator has read the story, you are going to complete the check-list below to assess how well you listened. This is not a formal assessment but an indicator of how well you followed the story.
  • The categories have been left blank in your module. After your educator has read the story to you, he or she will tell you what to fill into the spaces. Use  or x to complete the check-list.
  • Listen carefully and enjoy hearing about the hidden treasure this young man found within himself.
  • Checklist: After having listened to the piece, I know:
  • Categories
  • Tick YES
  • Tick NO
  • Are you ready to plot your first X in the relevant spot on the map at the start of this module? Consider what treasure you have discovered and let X mark the spot. HINT: Only mark the X if you honestly feel you have mastered the skill.

Auditory Apex

Activity 2:

To debate, listen and define

[lo 1.4, 2.4]

  • In your group you will discuss the questions below in a fishbowl discussion. Your teacher will explain how this works.
  • Whether you are in the fishbowl or in the outer circle, you will be assigned a specific task.
  • Complete this chart honestly and fairly. Compare you chart with that of your partner.
  • Listening CHECKLIST for:
FISHBOWL DISCUSSION(self - evaluation)
  • Name:
  • Partner:
Good response Good response
Poor response Poor response
Witty response Witty response
Good question Good question
No answer to question / No respect throughout No answer to question / No respect throughout
Used quote Used quote
Encouraged others to participate Encouraged others to participate
  • “..............................” Memorable statement made
  • Actual quote(s)
“............................” Memorable statement made
  • Actual quote(s)

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