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Life orientation

Grade 4

Physical development and movement

Module 17

Safety in the water

Safety in the water

Activity 1

To be familiar with the contents of a newspaper article [lo 4.5]

Group activity

Read the following translated extract from the KleinBurger of 26 August 2002:

Prevent accidents at home

Accidents involving children like you only happen far from home. Wrong!

Approximately 75% of the accidents that could possibly happen to you, happen in and around the home. About ten children younger than 15 die every day as a result of car accidents, drowning, poisoning, burning and violence.

Sorry about this dreadful news. But how else can you be made aware of the facts? CAPFSA (Child Accident Prevention Foundation) set aside a week per year to make these shocking facts known to the public so that everyone can make an effort to prevent this unacceptably high incidence of accidents and fatalities.

Your safety has nothing to do with luck. There are certain rules that you and your parents must take seriously and must adhere to.

You possibly have to look after your younger brothers and sisters when your parents go out. The information and hints given to KleinBurger by Nelmarie du Toit of CAPFSA are applicable to your own safety and the safety of other children who may be left in your care at times. Put it up in a prominent spot in your home.


Happens mostly in rivers, then in dams and then in swimming pools.

Little children must never be left alone in the bath.

Buckets filled with water must not be left in or around the home. These are death traps.

Wounds caused by burning

The Red Cross Children’s Hospital treats approximately 900 children for burns annually. These accidents SHOULD ACTUALLY NEVER HAVE HAPPENED. Hot liquids such as water, coffee, oil, tea and other foodstuffs cause the most burns.

When running a bath, always run the cold water first and then the hot water.

Remember that matches, lighters and fire are not toys!

If your clothes should catch fire, stand still, fall to the ground and roll to extinguish the flames.

Should you burn, you can cool the burns for 15 minutes with cold water.


Poisoning is mainly caused by medicines, paraffin and chemicals or detergents used for cleaning purposes that are stored in places where children can easily find them. (Children, you must stop rummaging in your mother’s cupboards – KleinBurger is sure she has told you time and again that you are not allowed to nose around in certain places! Don’t be naughty!)

If there are very young children in the house one must be particularly careful. They open every bottle they lay their hands on.

Poisons should never be stored in the same cupboard as foodstuffs.


More than 40% of all injuries that are treated at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital are the results of falling out of trees, babies that fell after being left alone in high places and children who have fallen from climbing apparatus on the school grounds.

If you would like to read more about children’s safety, visit the capfsa website at www.altonsa.co.za/childsafe.

Activity 2

To talk as a group about safety measures in water [lo 4.5]

Group activity:

Form buzz groups and discuss the dangers that water could pose for children.

Now make a list of 10 rules for the prevention of accidents involving water.

Exchange ideas with the other groups.

The class can select the 10 best rules and make a poster containing them.

Put up the poster in the classroom.



The learner will be able to demonstrate an understanding of, and participate in, activities that promote movement and physical development.

Assessment Standard

We know this when the learner

4.5 identifies dangers and responsible safety measures in and around water.

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