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Life orientation

Grade 7

Rights and responsibilities

Module 5

Ten fundamental values and human rights as set out in the South African Constitution

As citizens of this country and learners with a senior position in your school, you should know the basic values and rights as outlined in the constitution of our country. You must reflect on the content, make sure that you understand it, and follow the guidelines that have been set out in it. Seeing that the present government and the new constitution were only instituted in 1995, many people are still unaware of their rights and responsibilities as citizens of this country.

Activity 1:

To discuss human rights and the definition thereof

[lo 2.1]

Read the table below attentively and discuss it with your educator and classmates.

Human rights Description
1. Democracy We strive towards a sovereign, democratic South Africa:
  • the right to vote for all citizens over 18;
  • a national voters’ roll;
  • elections held regularly;
  • a multi-party government.
2. Social rights and equity We strive towards a free and secure country:
  • freedom of expression;
  • sufficient housing;
  • health services;
  • basic schooling;
  • personal safety.
3. Equality We strive towards a country where everyone is equal before the law:
  • all citizens must be given equal opportunities in every sphere;
  • we must all be able to live together and communicate as equals.
4. Non-racism and non-sexism We strive towards a country where previous racism and gender discrimination will be eradicated systematically:
  • each citizen must be given the opportunity to realise his/her full potential, regardless of race or gender.
5. Ubuntu (human dignity) We acknowledge the need for:
  • understanding in contrast to reprisal;
  • redress, not revenge;
  • ubuntu, not indignity.
6. An open community We strive towards a country with a transparent constitution and judiciary:
  • a system of government that reflects the will of the people;
  • freedom of opinion, the press and religion.
7. Accountability and responsibility We strive towards a country where each citizen accepts responsibility for his/her own actions:
  • organisations and councils accept responsibility for the groups under their management;
  • basic responsible and socially acceptable behaviour is maintained.
8. Rule of law As a state, South Africa is founded on the constitution as the highest authority, and the rule of law is supreme:
  • all citizens must respect accepted codes of conduct and discipline; and
  • obey laws, rules and regulations in every sphere of civil life.
9. Respect
  • we strive towards a community where every citizen will respect and consider him-/herself and his/her neighbour.
10. Reconciliation We aspire to a future where our country and its people will be characterised by a sense of unity and peaceful co-existence:
  • unity in diversity;
  • healing from the strife and injustice of the past.


Learning outcomes(LOs)
LO 2
SOCIAL DEVELOPMENTThe learner will be able to demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to constitutional rights and responsibilities, and to show an understanding of diverse cultures and religions.
Assessment standards(ASs)
We know this when the learner:
2.1 discusses the application of human rights as stated in the South African Constitution;
2.2 explains how to counter gender stereotyping and sexism;
2.3 discusses the significance of volunteer organisations;
2.4 explains how recognition of diverse cultures can enrich South African society;
2.5 explains the role of oral traditions and scriptures in a range of the world’s religions.

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