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English home language

Grade 7

Module 2

Moon language

Fly me to the moon!

Read through the piece below and then decide what words you think best fit the missing spaces. Try not to use the same word more than once and be sure to use one word per space.

Two _________ from Earth landed on a strange planet. The weird

___________who lived there came out to meet them. The

spacewomen were a bit ___________________

But the creatures were very _______________They took the women to their

_____________________They gave them some food. The women laughed

when they saw the creatures eating. They used two ________________

and two forks at once! They ate two different kinds of food at the same time.

The spacewomen had brought some gifts from Earth. When they gave them

to the creatures they were puzzled. The explorers had brought some gloves

and some pullovers. The gloves were of no use because the creatures only

had_______________fingers on each hand. The _________________

were useless because all the creatures had four arms.

One of the creatures went back to _____________ with the spacewomen.

The creature took part in the Olympic Games. The crowd was amazed when

they saw the creature ___________a javelin, a shot, a hammer and

discus all at the same time! The creature won four gold medals.

LO 6.2.1

I see the moon - the moon sees me

Just like the heart has scientific facts (a muscular organ which pumps blood throughout the body) as well as “emotional” connotations (love is housed in the heart), the moon has as well.

Research the facts about the moon.

  • This is not to be about the historical facts about the moon.
  • Pay special attention to the impact the moon has on nature. Think about things like the ocean tides, cycles, religions, etc.
  • Pick sub-headings for each group member and then prepare feedback, which you will present as individuals within a group.
LO 5.2.5

Lunar eclipse: could this be the dark side of the moon?

Now that you are more clued up about the moon and its impact on our world, consider this….

What if we had no moon?

CAF the question. (Consider All Factors - like a brainstorm.) List your theories.

LO 5.2.3

Blue moon? bad moon rising?

Have heard about testing a person’s IQ? This means testing the Intelligence Quotient or capacity. Nowadays, there is plenty of talk about EQ – Emotional Quotient. Being intelligent about book-learning and facts is one way of being educated, but getting in touch with our own and others’ emotions is a very important life-skill.

The moon has always been considered a mood-setter. Just think about some of the romantic scenes you have watched in the movies or on TV. Probably the first one you might recall is the spaghetti-eating scene from Lady and the Tramp. “When the moon hits your eye like a great piece of pie/ That’s amoré!”

Or what about the moon being used to create a scary atmosphere? Remember the scene from Snow White when she is lost in the forest and everything becomes creepy - the trees even seem to reach out to catch her in the blue moonlight that casts shadows everywhere!

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