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English first additional language

Grade 7

Module 8

Listening exercise

  1. Listening exercise

Listen to the extract read by your teacher. Then answer the multiple choice questions by underlining the correct answer.

  1. The message on the Christmas card was
  1. only a Christmas message
  2. a message of hope
  3. telling the date the car will run
  4. Mr Derek Waeland is
  1. the manufacturing director
  2. the marketing manager
  3. the company director
  4. The price of the McLaren F1 in June 1994 was
  1. 250 000 pounds
  2. 520 000 dollars
  3. 540 000 pounds
  1. Mr Derek Waeland said their customers are
  1. very special people
  2. very rich people
  3. people who will pay for style
  4. The McLaren F1 differs from other cars because
  1. it has a left hand steering
  2. it has only two doors
  3. it has a central driving position
  4. The McLaren F1 has
  1. no space for luggage
  2. space behind the driver for luggage
  3. space on the sides behind the passengers for luggage
  1. A large luxury saloon car is built in
  1. two weeks
  2. three-and-a-half moths
  3. little more than a day
  4. The McLaren F1 is the finest:
  1. Formula 1 car
  2. public road car
  3. Formula 2 car
  4. The McLaren F1 will rival the launch of
  1. the Ford and the Jaguar E-type
  2. the Chevy and the Jaguar E-type
  3. the Mini and the Jaguar E-type
  1. The McLaren F1 is the
  1. second fastest car in the world
  2. the fastest production road car in the world
  3. the fastest car in the world

Total: [10]

LO 1.1.1
  1. How creative are you?

This activity can be correlated with art. If you do not want to build your own machine, you can design it on poster paper.

  1. Are you an inventor?

Design and build your own machine or appliance from odds and ends. The garage at home is often a rich source of old spare parts, nuts, bolts, switches, wire and so on. If these are not available, cardboard boxes and tubes, plastic containers, batteries, light bulbs and other discarded items can be assembled to make an imaginative invention.

(CAUTION: Do not connect your machine to electric current)

  1. Give your machine a purpose and a name.
  2. Demonstrate your machine to the class, explaining how it works.
LO 2.2.1
  1. Reading skills

Practise in searching for the main idea and the supporting details .

"All over the world machines are used to rescue people who are in danger."

This first sentence tells you what the unit is all about. The keywords in the sentence are machines and rescue . So the title for these pages could be MACHINES USED FOR RESCUE.

Each paragraph tells you about different machines and the work they do. Find a heading for each paragraph and make a list of the important details. The first paragraph is done for you.

  1. The wail of an ambulance siren can often be heard in the streets of large towns. The ambulance on its way to an accident carries oxygen masks and cylinders. It also carries equipment known as a sucker unit that can pump food and liquid from the stomach.

Heading: Ambulances

Detail: Machinery which is part of the equipment of an ambulance:

  • siren
  • oxygen masks and cylinders
  • sucker unit
  • A 999 call often brings out the Fire Brigade. Fire engines carry the very largest appliances. A powerful pump forces the water through the hoses. The power-operated ladders rescue people from high buildings. The acetylene cutting gear is used to release people who are trapped in crashed cars.

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