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English home language

Grade 4


Module 21

A letter to my sport hero

Activity 1

To write a letter [lo 4.1.1]

  • You would absolutely love it if you could spend ONE DAY with your sport hero. Just imagine your friends’ faces!! Write a letter inviting him/her to an important function at your school.

Complete the following word search.

i v z e i c w o t o t n a l g o
c e n t v o i t a n o r t e n i
n r o b m u s c l e s v o i e a
a p i l a n o i t a n r c t n i
s r o t a t c e p s z x d a n c
r o l s t r i o a n e l y a o s
m b m o c i p u n x a b w l i g
u a p c o e m u c l e s y o c y
z b i r m s y e i e r m e s e m
v i e e p v l t e t p e i s e n
i y c x e l o h n e i t i o n a
t u o i e n o i t i t e p m o c
w z e n i r l e e t e l a y i t
a e t m u s c l e s a n t c n i
g y m n a s t i c s n t i o s c
e s y h w d a g s d w a i n e s
w h d l v o n i n e i n c i n o
spectatorsinternationalcompetitionolympicathletecountries ancientgymnasticsexerciseexcellentmuscles

Activity 2

To design an advertisement [lo 4.1.3]

  • You are a budding entrepreneur. You are going to hold a SPORTS CLINIC in the holidays to earn pocket money and entertain your peers.
  • Design an advert in the space below. Remember to give your business a name, mention the venue, time, date, costs involved, your e-mail address and cell number. Illustrate your advert with an eye-catching slogan of your clinic, the ‘Proudly South African’ logo and pictures of your choice.


LEARNING OUTCOME 4: WRITING The learner is able to write different kinds of factual and imaginative texts for a wide range of purposes.

Assessment Standard

We know this when the learner:

4.1 writes different kinds of texts for different purposes and audience:

4.1.1 writes for personal, exploratory, playful, imaginative and creative purpose (e.g. letters, descriptive paragraphs, limericks);

  • writes and designs various media texts for different audiences (e.g. poster, cartoon strips, simple brochures).

Questions & Answers

what is the diference between a cavity and a canal
Pelagie Reply
what is the causative agent of malaria
malaria is caused by an insect called mosquito.
Malaria is cause by female anopheles mosquito
Malaria is caused by plasmodium Female anopheles mosquitoe is d carrier
what are pathogens
Don Reply
In biology, a pathogen (Greek: πάθος pathos "suffering", "passion" and -γενής -genēs "producer of") in the oldest and broadest sense, is anything that can produce disease. A pathogen may also be referred to as an infectious agent, or simply a germ. The term pathogen came into use in the 1880s.[1][2
Definition of respiration
Muhsin Reply
respiration is the process in which we breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide
where does digestion begins
Achiri Reply
in the mouth
what are the functions of follicle stimulating harmones?
Rashima Reply
stimulates the follicle to release the mature ovum into the oviduct
what are the functions of Endocrine and pituitary gland
endocrine secrete hormone and regulate body process
while pituitary gland is an example of endocrine system and it's found in the Brain
what's biology?
Egbodo Reply
Biology is the study of living organisms, divided into many specialized field that cover their morphology, physiology,anatomy, behaviour,origin and distribution.
biology is the study of life.
1-chemical level 2-cellular level 3-organ system level 4-tissue level 5-organism level 6-molecules
Dennis Reply
when cell are dead in any part of the body what happen to that place
Dennis Reply
describe the Krebs cycle
Lian Reply
the sequence of reactions by which most living cells generate energy during the process of aerobic respiration. It takes place in the mitochondria, consuming oxygen, producing carbon dioxide and water as waste products, and converting ADP to energy
Andy is 1.0 m tall and weighs 45kg Bmi= weight / Height (squared) what's his bmi? Is it high or low?
zafirah Reply
where did our atmosphere came from
Thomas Reply
Our atmospher came from outer space.
Do mitotic and mitosis mean same?
Abhishek Reply
what are some mechanisms for regulating electrolytes and fluid in the body?
how do it move
Jaheim Reply
what is biology fall under
Twayne Reply
what is life?
Suliman Reply
define unit membran model?
define unit membran model?
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Jobilize.com Reply

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