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Life skills

Grade 2


Module 6

Going to school

Going to school.

  • Every day we make the journey from home to school.

- How do you get to school?

- What happens on your way to school?

- So many people are using the roads. What makes it safe for so many to be on the road at the same time?

  • Road safety rules are not only for the cars, but for pedestrians as well. Almost half of the people who are killed in road accidents every year are pedestrians. It is very important that pedestrians know and obey the road safety rules.
  • Write down some of the important rules that you know for pedestrians. Use the words in brackets to help you. (pavement; left; play; kerb)
  • When you come to school, look out for some of the signs which guide pedestrians or make it safe for them to use the road.
  • What signs did you see? Draw them here.
  • Where should pedestrians cross the road? Draw the safest place to cross the road.
  • Sometimes the rules are not written down or there are no signs at the side of the road. For that reason it is important to know them.
  1. If there is no marked crossing, always take the shortest path across the road.

2. If you are not able to walk on a pavement and have to walk in the road, always face oncoming traffic; in other words, walk on the right hand side of the road.

Wear bright colours that are easily seen.

The rules of the road make it safer to use the road. We have rules everywhere to keep us safe. Our parents make rules for us at our homes, which keep us safe and healthy. The government makes rules for our country. At school, there are many rules for our safety and hygiene, and to help us live and work together peacefully.

  • Think of some of the rules in your classroom. Make some signs for your classroom to remind the learners of the correct way to behave in class. Think of the road signs and draw your signs in a similar way. You can plan it here and then draw a bigger version for the classroom.
  • Your school must be a safe place for you to work and play. The rules make sure that everyone knows what to do. Sometimes we are expected to know things that are not written in the rulebook.
  • What is wrong in this cloakroom?
  • Imagine you are making a journey into the country. Play this game to see the progress you make. You will need a dice or make a paper cube and number each face with the numbers 1 – 6.
  • Your layers will prevent the worst of the dirt getting through to your container. Naturally you cannot drink this water, as the germs are tiny enough to slip through your filter.
  • What do you think will get rid of the germs?
  • Think of a friend with whom you would like to make a journey. Write his/ her name down.
  • Why would this person be a good companion on your journey?

The journey is long and boring. answer these questions and find out.

  • Will your friend talk to you or read a book?
  • You have only dull, healthy food for the trip and your friend has tasty treats. What will a good friend do?
  • You have to stop on the way to visit your mother's old friend who hates children. Will your friend go with you or promise to meet you afterwards?
  • We can say that a good friend is , and .Obeying the rules that are responsible for our health is also very important. We need to keep fit and eat healthily. Keeping fit means exercising our musclesOur bodies are amazing in all the things they can do. In your groups, prepare a show, almost like a circus, to show off all the amazing ways your body can twist and bend and move forwards and backwards. Your show must be like a concert that the others can watch. Think of a way to present your show so that it will be interesting for the others to watch.
  • Use this checklist to make sure you have included everything your show must have.

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