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This report summarizes work done as part of Rice University's VIGRE program. VIGRE is a program of Vertically Integrated Grants for Research and Education in the Mathematical Sciences under the direction of the National Science Foundation. A PFUG is a group of Postdocs, Faculty, Undergraduates and Graduate students formed round the study of a common problem. This module describes a LaTeX template that PFUGs can use to draft research reports that can be readily imported into Connexions.


Connexions allows one to import content directly from LaTeX files. This document provides a template to helpVIGRE research groups at Rice University draft documents that can be readily converted from LaTeX into Connexions.

Purpose of this template

The present template is designed to provide very rudimentary guidance on how to write LaTeX source that can easily beconverted into Connexions. Here we use only one add-on packages, graphicx, which we use to include graphics. A number of additional packages are also supported; seehttp://www-sop.inria.fr/apics/tralics/packages.html .Given the importance of citing one's sources in research work, we also include bibliography references in this file.

This small document makes no effort to teach basic LaTeX skills. Many resources are available for this,such as the fundamental book by Lamport  . Donald Knuth, the author of the underlying TeX program,provides a treasure-trove of information not only about the technical aspects of TeX, but also about good mathematicaltypesetting style  .

General instructions for conversion

Connexions provides online instructions that guide you through the process of uploading your LaTeX source files. At present, you mustuse the Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers to properly view and edit Connexions content.To upload files, you will also need to create your own Connexions account; see http://cnx.org/join_formfor details.

To convert your LaTeX document, you first need to create a .zip file that contains your .texsource files, your .bibfile if you have a bibliography, and any image files you include in your document.Note: the names of your LaTeX source file and zip file must have the same stem. For example, foo.texshould be packaged into foo.zip .Now log-in to Connexions, go to your Workspace, create a new module with MathML support, and fill-in the basic“Metadata,” such as the title and summary. (The top of this LaTeX template contains some a basic text for the Summary: please copy, paste,and manually edit this text in the Summary box.) Finally, you arrive at the “Edit Text” window, with options toimport from various file formats. Choose “LaTeX”, and then select the .zipfile that contains your source files. Connexions commences with the conversion procedure, and in a few momentsyou should be presented with a translated version of your LaTeX document, in a format that allows for further editsdirectly in Connexions. You should proof-read the conversion to make sure all textand equations appear as you intended. When satisfied, you can preview and publish your document.

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