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Unbalanced forces

In this module, we begin a study of the influence of unbalanced forces acting on bodies along with a study of the motion produced in bodies as a result ofunbalanced forces.

Statics versus dynamics

The earlier modules dealt with statics . We now begin a study of dynamics . The study of dynamics hinges largely on three important laws of motion, which werestated by Sir Issac Newton in 1686.

Making bodies move

We know from experience that we can cause small bodies to move by pulling or pushing them with our hands. In other words, we can cause a body to move by exerting a force onthe body. We also know that larger bodies can be caused to move by pulling or pushing them with a machine or with a beast of burden.

We are also familiar with the idea of falling bodies that move independently of someone pushing orpulling. We have come to know this as the result of the gravitational attraction between masses.

Aristotle's contribution, or lack thereof

I have never forgotten my physics professor, Brother Rudolph, at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas, telling the class that Aristotle was ahindrance to science.

Aristotle taught that heavier bodies fall faster than lighter bodies, but he was wrong. It has been proven that all bodies fall towards the earth at the sameacceleration when the effects of air resistance are eliminated.

This is not too difficult to prove for yourself. A small piece of paper will fall to the ground much moreslowly than a coin when the paper is in its normal state. However, if the paper is crumpled into a very tight ball, greatly reducing the effect of air resistance, itwill fall to the ground almost as fast as the coin.

Galileo's contribution

Galileo and Newton clarified the ideas of motion through a series of experiments. For example, Galileo discovered the important relationship between force andacceleration. He concluded that in the absence of air resistance, freely falling objects have the same acceleration regardless of their differing weights.

Acceleration of gravity is constant

By rolling balls down inclined planes, Galileo discovered that the distance covered under a steady force is proportional to the square of the time ofdescent. By this, he concluded that acceleration is constant, at least near the surface of the earth.

Two cannon balls

The story goes that Galileo dropped two cannon balls of different weights off the Leaning Tower of Pisa and observed that they struck the ground below atexactly the same time. From this, he concluded that falling bodies are subject to the same acceleration regardless of their weight.


By rolling a ball down one inclined plane and up a facing incline plane, Galileo observed that the ball tended to rise to (almost) the original height on thesecond inclined plane. This was true even if the second incline plane was less steep than the first.

This suggested that if the second inclined plane were perfectly flat, the ball would roll forever trying to regain its original height. From this, Galileo issaid to have concluded that objects at rest tend to remain at rest, and objects in motion tend to remain in motion with the same velocity. (Recall that a changein direction is a change in velocity.)

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