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Sixth regular monthly meeting, n. y. etching club, in jas. d. smillie’s studio, monday eveng ap’. 8th., 1878.

Before the meeting of the club was called to order the Executive Committee held a short session, all being present, viz: Messrs Yale,

Eno, Baldwin, Gifford and Smillie. They agreed to present to the Club, as candidates for membership, the names of M. J. Burns, H.P. Share and R.E.Piguet.

At 8.15 a quorum was present, the president called the meeting to order. The Secretary called the roll. Present, Messrs Yale, Gifford

Eno, Baldwin, Dielman, Abbey, Farrer, Sabin, Colman, Reinhart, Miller and Smillie_12. The minutes of the last meeting at which

there was a quorum (Jan 7, 21st., 1878) were read and approved. The meeting then proceeded to the election of new members. Mr. R. E. Piguet was unanimously elected. The names of Messrs Burns&Share after some discussion, at the suggestion of the Executive Committee, were laid over for future consideration.

By a vote, the Secty was then authorized to make enquiries as to the cost of printing a small number of copies of the constitution of the club, and to have not more than 100 copies printed if, upon the information obtained he thought it advisable. Mr. Colman presented 3 pfs. Of Etchings

Samuel Colman. (Private collection.)

Mr. Farrer presented 6 pfs of Etchings

Dr. Yale “ 1 “ ___’ 10 “

At 10 o’clk, there being no further business upon motion duly recorded, the meeting was adjourned.

James D. Smillie Secty.

Approved May 13th., 1878.

Seventh regular monthly meeting n.y. etching club, held in jas. d. smillie’s studio _ monday eveng. may 13th, 1878.

First annual meeting.

At 8.45 p.m. a quorum being present the Pres.’ Dr. L. M. Yale called the meeting to order. The Secty called the roll. Present Messrs Yale, Baldwin, Robbins, Abbey, Miller, Reinhart, Johnson, Shirlaw, Farrer, Smillie, _ 10. The minutes were read and approved. The first business was the election of officers. The present incumbents were unanimously elected _ to wit; For President, L.M. Yale_ Sect. And Treas’ _ Jas. D. Smillie. Executive Committee, Messrs Eno, Baldwinand Gifford. The subject of delinquents was then brought up and after a lengthy&general discussion it was moved&seconded that members who had not yet presented the two etching proofs required by Sect. 5. Art. II of Constitution be allowed until the second Monday in November following to make good their delinquency – unanimously approved.

Mr. Baldwin presented 4 pfs. of etchings

“ Eno “ 1 ‘ “ ___5.

At 10.15 on motion duly moved&seconded, the meeting adjourned.

James D. Smillie Secty

Approved Dec 9” 1878.

Eighth regular monthly meeting of the n. y. etching club, held in jas. d. smillie studio monday eveng. dec 9” 1878.

At 8.30 a quorum being present, the Pres’, Dr. L. M. Yale, called the meeting to order. The Secty called the roll _ Present, messrs

Yale, Eno, Baldwin, Bellows, Reinhart Deilman, Wood and Smillie __ 8_ The minutes of the last meeting were Then read and approved.General business being in order, the matter concerning members who have not yet presented any proofs of etchings

according to the requirements of the Constitution, was discussed. There was evident general desire not to press any penalty, at the same time, the necessity of a prompt solution of the difficulty was recognized by all. As upon previous occasions, the discussion

was long and wide. Finally, at the suggestion of the Pres.’ It was unanimously agreed the Secty should be directed to write to delinquent members, enclosing a copy of Section 5 of Article II of the constitution.

Mr. Dielman proposed the names of Wm. M. Chase and F. S. Church as candidates for membership, Seconded by L. M. Yale and Chas. S. Reinhart.

Mr. Baldwin presented 5 pfs. of etchings

Dr. Hy. Eno “ 2 ‘ ‘ ‘

J. D. Smillie “ 4 “ ___11.

At 10 o’clk. – the meeting adjourned.

Approved, Jany. 13” 1879. James D. Smillie Secty

Dr. Leroy Milton Yale. (Private collection.)

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