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English first additional language

Grade 9

Fun at the fair

Module 5


Decide which of the following to sell at school:

Biltong Sweets Ice-cream Small cakes Chips A health-food product

Use the FIVE FACES OF MARKETING to help your group prepare.

  • You will be evaluated at the end for the complete project

Activity 1:

Face 1: research results

[lo 4.2.4]

1. Decide which grade(s) in the school you wish to test.

2. Work out a short questionnaire to find out which product the pupils of the school would prefer.

3. Go and ask the opinion of 30 pupils.

4. Record your findings clearly.

5. Decide how your product will be better than your competitors’.

6. How do you want your customers to see you?

Activity 2:

Face 2: merchandising and selling results

[lo 4.2.4]

1. How and where will I position my product?

2. How will I package my product?

3. How and when will I display my product?

4. How will I introduce an encouraging mood?

5. How will I price my product?

6. How will I approach my customers?

Activity 3:

Face 3: advertising results

[lo 4.2.4]

1. How will I attract my customers?

2. How will I arouse curiosity?

3. How can I instil a wish to own and buy the product?

4. What school media will I use to advertise my product?

Activity 4:

Face 4:sales promotion results

[lo 4.2.4]

1. What prizes, discounts, specials and competitions can I use to promote my product?

2. What special idea can I use to promote my product? (School’s birthday, Mother’s Day, launch of a new product . . .)

Activity 5:

Face 5: public relation results

[lo 4.2.4]

How will I ensure that I have a good reputation?

Here is some space for you to record some good ideas that might come to you in a flash – ideas for creating a product that is not on the market at the moment!

Activity 6:

Sense-sitive writing: personal letter

You might also like to communicate some feelings you experienced during the previous projects.

Select ONE of the following : One short and one long piece

One day you find a new sweet / new biscuit / new ice cream in a shop. In a short letter to a friend , making it as appetising as possible, describe what the new product looks like; feels like; tastes like and smells like.


You have just bought a new item of clothing. Write to a close friend and describe what this item looks like and feels like and try to describe your feelings when you wear this item.

  • Try to use:
  • Some new words; some onomatopoeia;
  • some evocative figures of speech; a few made-up words.

Your ideas will be placed on the wall of the classroom.

Your teacher will give you an example of a friendly letter so that you can see the correct format to use.

Activity 7:

Sense-sitive writing: descriptive essay

[lo 4.4.2]

You attend a Products’ Exhibition where new, interesting international products are displayed. (A general fair = different products on show OR A specific fair = only certain products on show).

Write a descriptive essay (of 250-300 words) describing the stands, sounds, sensations, scenery, sellers and scents.


You attend a very special function in a magnificent setting where the guests are wearing evening dress.

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