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Regional dictionary

A regional dictionary is similar to a regional encyclopedia and a political dictionary . The regional dictionary lists historically significant events and people alphabetically and provides short entries on eachtopic. The entries will be somewhat shorter than the regional encyclopedia and more oriented toward the terms one would come across in, say, a history book onthe region. Here is a look at ours on Italy, Dictionary of Modern Italian History. The table of contents lists some interesting appendices; let's skip to them first.
Kings of Piedmont and Italy. Note Victor Emmanuel II reigned from 1900-1946.
The list of kings places Victor Emmanuel III directly in our period. In several sources, however, we can find no portraits of the former King. And so wemust resort to an internet search for his image. We do not have to look very far for Victor Emmanuel III.
And judging by the similarity of this image to our Face 3, we do not have to look further for the identity of our portrait. Victor Emmanuel III, theKing of Italy from 1900 until 1946.

Face 4

Face 4
What do we know about this portrait so far from our research? The flag behind it belongs to Belgium and has been in use from 1913. So far we havediscovered that our portraits belong to Kings and Sultans, so we can assume that the picture is of a prominent individual. Let's begin by locating a few generalhistories of Belgium.

General history books

As one's exposure to a particular subject, increases one's interest tends to become more and more specific. Think of theintro classes you have taken in the past and the books you used with titles like this:
American history
If you continued on in the subject then you will have noticed that the books you have used became more focused on particular aspects of it, such asthis:
A history of wine in America
The general work of history may not contain the specific types of information that one comes to study after spending some time in the subjectarea. However, they do all tend to contain some predictable information that can be crucial to your research, such as who was the King, Sultan or President in agiven year, or what type of government is used in a particular region. Let's take a look at what the library catalogholds on the subject of Belgium. If you are unfamiliar with the catalog. please visit our WebCat module for a brief review. This information, although it may not be speaking directly about the holdings of the library at your university, shouldbe helpful for finding resources in just about any university library.

Searching the catalog for general histories

Visit the basic search page for the catalog and enter the words "belgium" and "history", then select the subjectsearch option, making sure you have selected the keyword, rather than browse option; this will focus you search on subject headings. Another option is tosearch by title with the name of your region after selecting the browse option; this will provide a list of titles you can scroll through that contain the wordyou entered. We are offered the following works:
Belgium: a history
Notice the similarity in call numbers. Let's just head over to the DH 520's and see what we can find there on the shelf. This title seems to be justthe thing.
Belgium: a personal narrative
A glance at the index informs us that the appendix section might hold just the information we need without necessitating our scanning the entirebook.
And sure enough we find a promising candidate: Albert I, king from 1909-1934.Albert I seems like he may be our man, but we are not provided with his picture in this book. Let's try online.
And there he is, a match for our portrait. Albert I, the king of Belgium from 1900 until 1934.

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