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English home language

Grade 5

Tickle your taste buds

Module 14

Verbs and tenses

Verbs are ACTION words!

What is happening to Gemma in this picture?List six actions:

Let’s play a little game: close your eyes and think of an action. Now turn to your partner and mime (act without talking or sound effects) – your partner must guess what you are miming. Swap around and now guess what your partner is miming.

These actions are known as verbs.Every sentence has at least one verb.

Find the “action words” in these sentences and underline them in blue:

1. Our tomatoes grow plump and juicy in the sun.

2. We cram thirty-six tomatoes into each bottle of sauce.

3. We also add herbs, vinegar and spices.

4. We enjoy our product.

Oops! Help! All the actions have been muddled in this recipe.

Vanilla Fudge

450 g granulated sugar

50 g butter

397 g full-cream sweetened condensed milk

150 g milk

1 tsp vanilla essence

Pack all the ingredients into a saucepan.

Pour over a low heat until the sugar and butter reaches, then eat steadily, boil quite frequently, until the mixture have dissolved the “soft ball” stage.

Stir the mixture in a pan until it stirring cloudy.

Did you notice that one of the verbs consists of two words?

These words are also called verbs:

am is are was were have has had

They can help other verbs or can be used on their own.

Underline the verbs in this exercise:

1. Eggs are the power behind brainpower.

2. Buy a bag of potatoes today, as they contain all the goodness.

3. I am buying this brand of dog food, because I believe that it is just what my dog deserves.

Fill each of the blank spaces with one of the following verbs:

am is are was were have has had

1. The kittens ___ attacked Gemma while she sleeping.

2. Gemma ___ sniffing a nasturtium.

3. Did you know that nasturtiums ___ edible?

4. I ___ arranging the petals in a salad.

5 She ___ eaten today.

6. The naughty kittens ___ stalking the dog.

7. She ___ sneezing from the pollen.

8. She ___ an inquisitive puppy.

(Have you noticed a pattern in the cases where these verbs help other verbs?)

Try these:

9. I ___ ordered a cake from Crumbs, the bakery.

10. The cake ___ to resemble a Porsche.

11. The bakers ___ world famous.

12. Tina Turner ___ one of their clients.

13. They ___ icing a butterfly for the Queen Mother

14. My Porsche cake ___ blood-red.

15. It ___ a personalised number plate.

16. I ___ delighted with the result.

[LO 4.4.2; 4.4.3; 6.2.3]


LO 4


The learner will be able to write different kinds of factual and imaginative texts for a wide range of purposes.

We know this when the learner:

4.1 writes different kinds of texts for different purposes and audiences:

4.1.1 writes for personal, exploratory, playful, imaginative and creative purposes (e.g. diary, humorous anecdotes, story, poem);

4.1.2 writes informational texts expressing ideas clearly and logically for different audiences (e.g. notices, reports);

4.1.3 writes and designs visual texts expressing information clearly and creatively (e.g. advertisements, newsletters, map with pictures and labels);

4.1.4 transfers information from one form into another (e.g. information from a table into a written paragraph or graph);

4.3 produces neat and legible work with attention to presentation (e.g. cover page, title, headings, and suitable graphics);

4.4 applies knowledge of language at various levels:

4.4.1 word level;

4.4.2 sentence level;

4.4.3 paragraph level;

LO 6

LANGUAGE STRUCTURE AND USE The learner will know and be able to use the sounds, words and grammar of the language to create and interpret texts.

We know this when the learner:

6.1 works with words:

6.1.1 uses prefixes, stems and suffixes/extensions to form words;

6.1.3 records words in a personal dictionary;

6.1.4 uses phonics and spelling rules to spell words correctly;

6.2 works with sentences:

6.2.3 identifies and uses nouns, pronouns, prepositions, articles and conjunctions;

6.2.6 consolidates use of punctuation learned so far.

6.4 develops awareness and use of style:

6.4.1 uses language appropriate for the audience, purpose and context (e.g.

formal / informal register);



Instruct the learners to identify verbs in the given sentences:

1. Our tomatoes grow plump and juicy in the sun.

2. We cram thirty-six tomatoes into each bottle of sauce.

3. We add herbs, vinegar and spices.

4. We enjoy our product.

Answers to the recipe activity:


  1. Eggs are the power behind brainpower.
  2. Buy a bag of potatoes today, as they contain all the goodness.
  3. I am buying this brand of dog food, because it is just what my dog deserves .
  1. The kittens had attacked Gemma while she was sleeping.
  2. Gemma is / was sniffing a nasturtium.
  3. Did you know that nasturtiums are edible?
  4. I am / was arranging the petals in a salad.
  5. She has / had eaten today.
  6. The naughty kittens are / were stalking the dog.
  7. She is / was sneezing from the pollen.
  8. She is / was an inquisitive puppy.

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