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English home language

Grade 6

Module 2




Fingerprint everyone in the class, using an inkpad and then thumbprint on a class list that is photocopied and given to each learner.Randomly choose the “Thief” and paste that thumbprint in the THIEF block provided. The other three blocks are then filled with any two new prints and the “thief’s” prints.


  • Carefully examine the thief’s thumbprint. (A magnifying glass would help.)
  • Note any unusual details .
  • Carefully examine the thumbprints of the suspects.
  • Make your decision – mark the matching print.
  • Using the class list provided, name the “thief”.
LO 3.9

White Powder

1 Shortly before World War II a rusted old freighter slid into its berth at a Baltimore pier, completing its long voyage from the Orient. Customs officers boarded the vessel to check the cargo and look for contraband. The search was the routine sort of thing that occurred every day at every major port in the United States.

2 An inspector hurried to the quarters of the crewmembers and began his rounds. He encountered nothing unusual until he reached one crewman’s cabin and found the door locked. He knocked on the door and a muffled voice asked, “Who is it?”

3 “This is the customs inspector,” the officer answered. “Open up!”

4 The door opened and there stood a middle-aged man with thinning hair and tattoos on his forearms. “There’s nothing in here,” the seaman said gruffly. “You’ll find everything on my declaration.”

5 “It’s a routine check,” the inspector said. “You’ve got nothing to worry about.”

6 The seaman made no move to stand aside. “I told you there’s nothing in here!” he insisted.

7 “Look, Mac,” the inspector snapped, “you’ve been through this sort of thing before and you know it’s got to be done. So let me get at it.” He pushed his way into the cabin.

8 On a table he saw a hypodermic needle. He picked it up and turned to the seaman. “Are you a junkie?” he asked. “Have you got any narcotics?”

9 The seaman’s face reddened with anger. “Of course not!” he exclaimed. “I wouldn’t touch the stuff.”

10 The inspector wasn’t impressed with the denial. That’s what they all said until you found their supply of narcotics.

11 When he started to open a locker, the crewman said, “It’s empty. I’ve already taken everything out.”

12 The inspector watched the man’s hands shake as he lit a cigarette. “Why don’t you sit down and relax, mister?” he said. “I’ve just decided to take a good look around.”

13 Slowly he went over the cabin. At last he pulled the locker away from the bulkhead and saw a small cotton bag, taped to the back of the locker. He yanked it loose and held it out toward the seaman. “What is this?”

14 The seaman made a grab for the bag: “Give that to me!” he shouted. “It’s nothing that interests you.”

15 The inspector opened the bag and saw that it contained a white powder that looked suspiciously like heroin. “Mister,” he said, “if this is heroin, you’re in trouble.”

16 “It’s not heroin,” the seaman replied sullenly.

17 “If it isn’t heroin,” the inspector asked, “then what is it? Why did you hide it behind the locker? What are you trying to hide?”

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