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Mathematics in the world around us

Educator section


Critical and developmental outcomes:

The learners must be able to:

1. identify and solve problems and make decisions using critical and creative thinking;

2. work effectively with others as members of a team, group, organisation and community;

3. organise and manage themselves and their activities responsibly and effectively;

4. collect, analyse, organise and critically evaluate information;

5. communicate effectively using visual, symbolic and/or language skills in various modes;

6. use science and technology effectively and critically, showing responsibility towards the environment and the health of others;

6. demonstrate an understanding of the world as a set of related systems by recognising that problem-solving contexts do not exist in isolation;

7. reflect on and explore a variety of strategies to learn more effectively;

8. participate as responsible citizens in the life of local, national, and global communities;

9. be culturally and aesthetically sensitive across a range of social contexts;

10. explore education and career opportunities; and

develop entrepreneurial opportunities.

  • Integration of Themes: Friends
  • Social Justice, Human Rights and a healthy environment: “I am in Grade 2 with many other children. Each learner needs to be happy. The educator needs a suitable learning environment in order to teach us.”
  • Discuss the learner’s responsibility to create such an environment.
  • Taking turns on the jungle gym is important – why? Discuss safety, manners, co-operation, etc.
  • Learners extend their number concept to 109 on the “jungle gym”. The activities include ordinals, names, symbols and counting forward and backward.
  • Position is established by places in the classroom, using a floor map of the room.
  • A graph is designed to be completed by collecting information.
  • Addition and subtraction are extended to +4, -4, +5, -5, +6, -6, +7, -7.
  • Bonds of 10 and 11 are discovered.
  • Directions are given to draw and colour a shape.
  • Measuring with thumbs and comparison of these measurements using the related vocabulary.

Leaner section


Activity: graphs, adding and subtracting [lo 1.2, lo 1.4, lo 1.8, lo 1.10, lo 2.2, lo 5.1, lo 5.2, lo 5.4, lo 5.5]

I need to make a graph

The graph will help me find out …

- which is the longest.

- which is the shortest.

- which is the furthest.

- which is the nearest.

  • For each thumb you counted, colour one block.

My graph on lengths

The length of…

the cupboard
the board
the mat
the windows (right)
the windows (left)
the reading corner
  • Now I can see…….

1. The ________________________ is the longest.

2. The ________________________ is the shortest.

3. The length of the cupboard is __________ than the length of the mat. (longer, shorter)

4. The length of the board is ___________ than the windows on the left. (longer, shorter)

LO 5.1 LO 5.2 LO 5.4 LO 5.5

Play with numbers

  • Begin from 1. Draw a line from 1 to 2, from 2 to 3, etc, until you get to 40.

  • Make each number one more and one less.
LO 1.2 LO 1.4
+ 1 + 3 - 1 + 4 - 2 + 10
2 1
- 2 - 1 + 3 + 1 + 2 - 10
LO 1.8

Rename numbers

LO 1.10
  • Can you show Sally different ways in which she can make her sum easier? Write or draw them here.
  • Des has a plan.
  • Liz has another plan.
LO 1.8
  • Let’s use the plan Des had.
  • Use smaller numbers for the ones in circles.
  • Rename them.
  • Use arrows to say “gives me”.
LO 1.8 LO 2.2
  • Do these sums in the same way by renaming the number in the circle.
LO 1.8 LO 2.2


Learning Outcome 1: The learner will be able to recognise, describe and represent numbers and their The learner will be able to recognise, describe and represent numbers and their relationships, and to count, estimate, calculate and check with competence and confidence in solving problems.

Assessment Standard 1.2: We know this when the learner counts forwards and backwards in:

1.2.1 ones from any number between 0 and 200;

1.2.2 tens from any multiple of 10 between 0 and 200;

1.2.3 fives from any multiple of 5 between 0 and 200;

1.2.4 twos from any multiple of 2 between 0 and 200;

Assessment Standard 1.4: We know this when the learner orders, describes and compares the following numbers:

1.4.1 whole numbers to at least 2-digit numbers;

1.4.2 common fractions including halves and quarters;

Assessment Standard 1.8: We know this when the learner can perform calculations, using appropriate symbols, to solve problems;

Assessment Standard 1.10: We know this when the learner uses the following techniques:

1.10.1 building up and breaking down numbers;

1.10.2 doubling and halving;

1.10.3 using concrete apparatus (e.g. counters);

1.10.4 number-lines;

Learning Outcome 2: The learner will be able to recognise, describe and represent patterns and relationships, as well as to solve problems using algebraic language and skills.

Assessment Standard 2.2: We know this when the learner copies and extends simple number sequences to at least 200.

Learning Outcome 5: The learner will be able to collect, summarise, display and critically analyse data in order to draw conclusions and make predictions, and to interpret and determine chance variation.

Assessment Standard 5.1: We know this when the learner collects data (alone and/or as a member of a group or team) in the classroom and school environment to answer questions posed by the teacher (e.g. ‘how many learners are there in each classroom?’);

Assessment Standard 5.2: We know this when the learner sorts physical objects to one attribute chosen by the teacher;

Assessment Standard 5.4: We know this when the learner draws pictures and constructs pictographs that have a 1-1 correspondence between own data and representations;

Assessment Standard 5.5: We know this when the learner describes own or a peer’s collection of objects, explains how it was sorted, and answers questions about it.

Questions & Answers

hi, I'm thinking about buy some books about psychology to understand more about it and learn more, why suggestions of books? thank you
Juan Reply
ciccarelli - introduction to psychology
robert baron 's psychology book
these books helps u to get good knowledge of psychology
what do you think about brain dead patients?
la Reply
all parts of their body function except their brain. So involuntary functions continue, like heart beating. But since life sustaining activities like eating or drinking are voluntary and brain cannot send signals, it means that they'll eventually die with no medical intervention.
what is psychology
Anubhuti Reply
Study of behavior and mental processes
hi koketso
psychology is the study of mind and behaviour
psychology is a scientific study of human & animal behaviour & their cognitive processes
what types of sleep disorders
ara Reply
Hello everybody! I am Ann from Russia. I would like to discuss this and text topic to improve my knowledge in psychology and my English.
Anna Reply
hello, I'm Olamide from Nigeria.
Are you psychologist or student or somebody else?)
something else
здравствуйте Анна! меня зовут Joshua, what would you like to know?As someone who's lived in South Africa,UK, and Australia I have a хорошо understanding of English :)
Hello again
hello :) I'm Yasmine and I'm from Tunisia. i have a bachelor's degree in psychology
This app unfortunately work slow(
wow, I'm from tunisia too but I'm still a student
what is the phsicology behind female players? i know that male players don't have a close relationship with their feather, so they observe closer their mother, understanding better what females want, having ease with them, but i cant think of the circumstances a woman has to have to become a player
Faten that's really cool! where do you study? FSHST?
no, in ISSHT
it's near FSHST you know right?
Tunisia, I was there
Which field of psychology is popular in Tunisia?
you can write me
if you want :)
For me more interesting -psychology of development
and what about you, guys?
@faten yes! i studied in FSHST :) but i still haven't finished my master's. it's in my long term plans
amazing Yasmine so you have a license?
Yes Faten, i graduated a year ago! what about you?
it's my first year so I'm still a beginner hhhhhh
congratulations btw
it's my first year so I'm still a beginner hhhhhhh
You all are psychology students?
@yasmine yes I am actually enjoying it. it's super interesting!
i'm currently finishing my 2nd year of my degree :')
I'm just in high school :3
cool! you're planning to take psyc as ur major?
I don't know yet. I'm just interested in it for now.
nice! it certainly is very interesting :')
:) do u plan on being a psychologist?
Hello guys, this is student from highschool. If anyone does live in America, have you guys ever took AP Psychology? I want to find some students or teachers who took this class.
Oh, sorry for inconvenience. I putted in the wrong chat. Sorry!
Hello everyone, I'm nyakuiy from the youngest African country which is south Sudan I'm just from hight school but as I will be entering university later this year my first choice is psychology
Anna, what exact exploration expecting.. raise doubts and get the answers in psychology.
mr.king, if want to join or get the pdf, you must complete phd.
oh, I see but first I'm taking Rpm.
hi, i'm Adams from nigeria i likt to be part of this improvement
hello Adams, I'm also from Nigeria studying psychology
Mr. Nyakuei, all the best for entering in psychology.
good choice that is...
@Mr.King, do check ur mail inbox
Hello everybody, I'm sabah from Algeria. I'm psychologist and student in the same time.
what is mood
Abdi Reply
mood is an affective state. In contrast to emotions or feelings, moods are less specific, less intense and less likely to be provoked or instantiated by a particular stimulus or event
Why some woman are looking up and down why you approach her?
Ridwan Reply
I don't know
It could be a sign of either lack of interest or maybe they are nervous.
if a girl don't look directly in your eyes while talking then it is 80 percent sure that she has crush on you
or she is scared. fear creates an avoidant-type relationship. as does embarrassment. when a woman is so bold to look you in the eye, or other visual signs of her attention, she is performing a feminine courtship
but all this is also confirmed or denied by cultural background. in some countries women would be frowned on for approaching the man in any form. some societies hold women in highest regard, and thus their judgment is considered an honor.
not looking in the eye, is a sign if a female going through the development of a crush on the person OR that her past experiences and trauma compels her to avoid eye-contact. usually females do act nervous around the men they like but once there is an establishment of comfortness and trust
using myself as an example: if im interested, you will know it by my focus, my curiosity, my desire to know more. much like an interrogation i suppose. every question would ripple through you demanding an answer. then progressing onward. if im not interested, i would find some way out
looking into the eyes is just a matter of time
It is some sort of inhibition and/or trait of famininity.
if the woman is not interested in you in any way, that is when best she'll look up straight to your eyeballs, but if a woman is actually looking up and down while you ask her out or on a date, believe me, she never believed you in person can ask her out, maybe she feels you are too big to ask her ou
and if you are dressed in a way that is different to the onlooker, of course they are going to examine you. First to discover the apparent trend you are wearing, second to determine if you are foreign or mentally compromised. wink at them and blow a kiss next time. you may get a smile or rejection
if a woman does this to the man she is already dating, it relates to socioeconomical status concerns. "does my man look the part?" "will he make me look foolish among my peers?"
or simply "is he wearing the shoes i recommended?"
its not only happened to women, mens also perceive. mostly shy people feels this often. when shy people makes conversation with opposite genders, the main thinking of their is mostly there deal with opposite gender, its leads to shy and discomfort and makes them avoided straight look
the eyes are considered soul-bearing. to stay disconnected from sharing that part of yourself says many things, usually fear or discomfort. perhaps inferiority complex. or simply shyness as mentioned by gokul
May be she is Practical Minded. Gold Digger ? Because those type people Frequently look Top to Bottom to Analyse a Persons worth. The Best way to Judge is 1) She Holds an iPhone (just to look Posh) 2) She has a Cringy Behavior While Talking. (doesn't have a cultured attitude)
if those two parameters match in any Girl. Then Money Speaks to her. Money in sense any form (Gift's / Phone's / Jewellery etc) Check Wisely and Approach Anyone Buddy. Take Care.
very good Mushtaque. Her arrogant behavior or desire for flashy and valuable items would be signs of this. How would you handle this type of person if you were caught on conversation?
Being a Psychologist, I would look at her as a Subject and Have Conversation and know better about her and her intentions and why and what made her become like that. Hopefully not a One Day Task. In General as a Human, I would just Ignore.
Mushtaque don't you think a psychologist is not supposed to judge a person? As far as I can see from your above messages you have already come to a conclusion that these are going to be her intentions. As a psychologist, should not you know that humans are complex and every individual differs?
In this way you're Judging Psychologist's that they Cant Judge. hmmm. well, ofcourse they are Complex , but Traits are identifiable.
a part of psychology is on human behavior which as well all know is variable. so, being a psychologist do you think an individual can be confined to first impressions?
being psychologist is about being open minded and looking not judging as no individual is the same plus it's about digging deeper into the reasons behind the actions of certain individuals
could not be put into better words, rhian.
Agree with you Thomas.
hi 👋
Application Error, Shown Rhian name as Rhian Thomas. previous comment was for Rhian.
I need help please
Hi Kim Liza. May I know What Kind of Help you are seeking ?
I have a talk in humanistic psychology I don't know what to do
i seems not to understand your question please, can you enlighten us on it so as to contribute or proffer solution to it
you have to make a presentation that talks about humanistic psychology
I made an introduction
can u help me
Humanistic Psychology: It is a psychological perspective that emphasizes the study of the whole person. Humanistic psychologists look at human behavior not only through the eyes of the observer, but through the eyes of the person doing the behaving.
Proponents of Humanistic Psychology Abraham Maslow Co-Founder of Humanistic Psychology with Carl Rogers Believed we are all biologically driven to achieve self- actualization Came up with Hierarchy of Needs theory that is most important humanistic theory.
thank you so much
Proponents of Humanistic Psychology Abraham Maslow  Co-Founder of Humanistic Psychology with Carl Rogers  Believed we are all biologically driven to achieve self- actualization  Came up with Hierarchy of Needs theory that is most important humanistic theory.
Maslow is known for his Hierarchy of Needs • Maslow proposed 5 levels of need: from basic to more advanced, they are: – Physiological (food, water, sex) – Safety (security, order, stability – Belongingness and love – Esteem (from self and others) – Self-actualization • The more bas
According to Carl Rogers • Important issues must be defined by the individual: importance of an autonomous self: self-insight is what predicts later behavior. • Actualizing tendency: people tend to develop in a positive direction, toward self-actualization
• The way we perceive our environment determines how it affects us. (Roger's theory emphasizes phenomenology) • Incongruence between our self-concept and our experience leads to pathology
In Rogerian therapy, the client • Moves from talking about externals to talking about personal issues • Moves from talking about the past to dealing with the present • Becomes closer to and more comfortable with his/her feelings
• Becomes more open to new experiences, experiences more freedom
The Fully Functioning Person, for Rogers • Is aware of all experiences • Lives in the moment • Trusts in his/her self • Experiences freedom in choices • Is creative and adapts well • Is still growing and experiencing difficulties
i hope you will find this helpful
yeaaa thank you so much
hey Guy's
what's the difference between hallucinations and being crazy?
they are both abnormalities
false perception in the absence of stimulus is hallucination.
crazy is a regular word using in daily life, which is passoinated towards objects or creatures.
Is/did anyone study/ing forensic psychology
please explain acquisition of skills
thanks everyone
Acquisition Skill is the stage during which a new response is learned and gradually strengthened. For instance, Hitting moving objects, Horse riding, car driving etc,.
start a new thread for acquisition of skills
what is the last stage of experimental method
sawera Reply
the thing which are used to verify hypotheses in experimental method it is called
Hi.. I'm unable to open the chat.. how do I do that.. please help!
sumitra Reply
español traducir en español ya
Rafael Reply
I'm sure if you went to settings you would be able to change the language.
안 데여. 한번도 못 찾았어요.
그런데 여기서 미국 사람들이 우리가 영화 쓰는 거는 그렇게 시킨 거야.
내가 뭐 물어 볼까 봐 그냥 이거 뭐라고
it's not speaking nonsense cuz you know it is basically nonsense the machine doesn't really hear what I'm saying cuz I can speak English as well. easier to take direction when you say Jolly Good, Tally Ho. God save the Queen for me.Pro Deo et Patriae And other snazzy cliches.Irrumatus Manducare US
anglo wasp POS
cave dwelling trogledite.
forgive my spelling.
what r u doing
what's actually going on here?
take it easy
are you guys studying or working
I'm studying, what are you?
im studying
are you enjoying it angelica?
this year, I'm going to take Rpm
hoping to pass the exam
studying what?
I'm studying clinical. good luck with your exams!
Thanks Demi.
hello., how are you
I wonder why this app don't have information about statistics
that's a very good point. I've found the app very helpful for my introduction into my new career path so I'm more than great full
I hope to find app like yours
this subject I need to review: Psychological Assessment, Theories of Personality, Abnormal Psychology and Industrial Psychology.., I need to refresh my mind even though I'm a fresh Graduate of Bs Psychology.
food in classical condition is called
dude Reply
dream anylisis is method of
dream anylisis is method of
food is unconditioned stimulus
it's a necessity
its unconditional stimulus
Unconditional Stimulus
conditioned stimulus
classical conditioning
advantages of ECG in biopsychology
Sheeba Reply
can I get the information about the advantages of ECG in biopsychology
what do you call that moment right before the "emotion (s)" take place? that blink of an eye flash because that is how I I experience being a person with schizophrenia...?
Stepphun Reply
at childhood, focus is upon what?
Oliver Reply
It shld be on their developmental stages!! Oliver. From cognitive to kinesthetic, intrapersonal to interpersonal, fine motor to gross motor, n strong reasoning skills etc.
Check the works of Jean Piaget n Erick Erickson's stages of developments, will be helpful.
Child develops in all the biopsychosocial ways, and all the developments at that time are crucial. From biological perspective, neural development and sensory and motor abilities psychological perspective: various cognitive processes develop Social aspect focus on development of various relations.
define knowledge and compare it with learning
lidsay Reply
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