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English home language

Grade 9

Personal development and empowerment

Module 17

The creative use of language

Activity 1:

To practise the creative use of language in formal writing

[lo 4.1]

Many schools offer job-shadowing opportunities for the senior learners to prepare them for the real world of employment, but nothing prevents you from volunteering your services so that you too have an advantage of expe

rience which is so often required in any job application. (Job-shadowing means to observe a person while they are working so that you can gain an impression of what the job entails. You also need to discuss different as

pects of the job with that person.)

  • Test your skill in persuading an organization that you wish to be of value to them while gaining experience.

A ) Write a formal letter to an organisation or centre of your choice, offering your services free of charge. Mention your talents, interests and achievements. Also state why you wish to volunteer. (150 words)

B ) Write a short Curriculum Vitae. State your interests, achievements, leadership positions and goals.

  • Be sure to study the examples of a formal letter, a curriculum vitae and a telephone message, provided in this module, before writing your own transactional assignment.

Use these examples, after completion, to check whether you followed the correct format.

  1. Writing formal letters
  • Formal letters have a variety of purposes, including complaining about inadequate goods or services, applying for a job or complimenting good work. However, all of these letters have a common goal:
  • To get the results you want from someone you may or may not know personally.
  • Here are some tips for formal letter-writing and applying for employment or offering your services.

1. Be BRIEF and to the point!

2. Use formal language and check your letter for errors.

3. Address the person by name, if you know the name. If not, use ‘Dear Sir/Madam’

4. Indicate what your letter is about, using a subject line.

5. Be honest, be clear and specific.

6. Use accurate English.

7. Be positive and natural.

8. Edit ruthlessly. Always check your letter for any errors.

B. Example format of Curriculum Vitae: Rough Copy

Curriculum vitae of timothy thabo winters

Personal details


First Name

Date of Birth



Contact numbers


Primary School

High School

Average Pass Symbol

Special Awards


Position(s) of Responsibility

Interests&Extramural activities



Work experience

Volunteer Activities



1. Priest \ Spiritual Leader

2. Principal \ Teacher


1. Employer \ Supervisor

2. Principal \ Community Leader

  • This is only an example. Please add anything else of interest or importance.

ROUGH COPY OF LETTER to offer voluntary service

  • Own Address:
  • Title and address of person:
  • Opening paragraph:
  • Subject line:
  • Reasons:
  • Conclusion:
  • Salutation


Final copy of Curriculum Vitae

Activity 2:

To consider the appropriateness of formal and informal language

[lo 1.6]

  • It is necessary to know when it is appropriate to speak informally and when you can be more formal. This choice of “register” depends on the situation, the person to whom you are speaking and the purpose of the conversation.
  • Formal language can be called Standard English while informal language is known as colloquial language . Often teenagers speak even more informally using slang .
  • In any conversation it is also important to realize that body language can convey non-verbal messages and that eye-contact is very important.

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