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    Analyzing your case

  1. Do a Socio-Technical Analysis : Use the examples found at m14025 to get you started. The STS will help you identify key problems.
  2. Specify Your Problem : Look for conflicts between the values embedded in the STS. Look also for harmful consequences in the present, the short term future, and the long term future.
  3. Generate a Solution List. Refine that Solution List : Work on changing and rebalancing elements in the STS to resolve the conflict or harmful consequences you scoped when specifying the problem.
  4. Test Your Solutions : Use the Ethics Tests (reversibility, harms/benefits, and publicity) plus code and values tests to test your solution. Rank them.
  5. Implement Your Solution : Using the feasibility test as a check list, identify possible resource, interest, and technical constraints that could impede the implementation of your solution.

Presentation on problem solving

Clicking on this media file will open a powerpoint presentation on problem solving in ethics. It outlines specifying the problem, generation solutions, testing solutions, and implementing solutions. This problem solving method is based on an analogy between ethics and design.

    Advice for preparing a poster on your case

  • Your Objective : Develop a Poster that captures the case's narratives and summarizes the different stages of a case analysis framework. In the figure below, we have appended an excellent poster presentation developed by Dr. Carlos Rios.
  • Dimensions : Your poster should print out onto a piece of paper two feet by three feet. It should be available digitally in ppt format (either version 2003 or 2007).
  • Due Date: May 1 for presentation in class either May 1 or May 8.
  • Content : (1) summary of key ethically relevant facts; (2) highlight of the dominant elements of the case's socio-technical system; (3) an analysis of the case that includes problem definition, solutions generated, solution testing (in the form of a solution evaluation matrix), and a plan for implementing the solution over situational constraints; (4) Your names; (5) items that will help visually portray case elements such as flow charts and pictures.
  • Make your case visually interesting and choose images that capture the essence of the concepts you are portraying. Be daring and exciting here.
  • Practice presenting from your poster. And have fun!

Poster presentation for gerese nsf project

Clicking on this figure will give you the poster presentation prepared by Dr. Carlos Rios for GERESE, an NSF project in research ethics for graduate students.

Poster presentation: poehlman case

Clicking on this figure will open a poster presentation reporting on a case of scientific misconduct.

The Poehlman Case analysis/poster is about half way completed. It has been included to give you an idea of how the case development process looks (and feels) at its mid point. The STS table included provides a sense of the gaps that need to be filled with further investigation and analysis. For example, more information could be collected on hormonal treatment therapy. The dialogue box quoting from one of the witnesses could be expanded into conversations between Poelman and the witness or between the witness and officials at the University of Vermont. The point is to identify gaps in the case development that can be filled with moral imagination and further research.

Style- and content-based criticisms of poehlman poster
Content Style
Information gaps such as details on hormone replacement therapy Change "background" of poster; interferes with the title
Provide more depth such as personalities of participants Do not use the same "background" for the Ethical Problem section or eliminate this part to create more space for other parts
Case needs "thickness" or more concrete detail Difficult to read different sections (Too crowded)
Describe motivations of main participants, especially Poehlman Better arrangement of pictures on poster space needed
More information such as the amount of money awarded to Poehlman in his grants Eliminate shadows throughout poster
More information needed on ORI investigative procedures Poster should have "depth" in the form of embedded links that open up background information
References to Wikipedia, the ORI publicity release, and Pascal presentation need to be in larger font Empty space in Poster could be better utilized

What did you learn?

After you finish your poster presentation, take some time to reflect on the reaction of your teacher and classmates. Was it what you expected? How could you change things to align better your expectations and goals with results? What did you learn from developing this case? What were the obstacles, frustrations, or negative experience you faced in this exercise? Assess this exercise, your case, the reaction, and your experience in general.


Below are supporting materials to help with you as you work through this module. They include a presentation on writing and analyzing cases, a table of basic moral concepts, and a table of intermediate moral concepts.

Presentation on writing cases

Clicking on this figure will allow you to open a PowerPoint presentation on writing and analyzing cases. It provides a case taxonomy, suggestions on how to choose a case, templates for "filling out" a case, and a framework for analyzing a case.

Presentation oncase writing

Basic moral concepts

To help you develop and analyze your case, this media file contains tables that summarize basic moral concepts such as goods, rights, duties, and virtues.

Intermediate moral conceptse

Clicking on this figure will open a table that summarizes intermediate moral concepts such as privacy, informed consent, and safety. These concepts will help you to choose, develop and analyze your case.

Eac toolkit project

This module is a work-in-progress; the author(s) may update the content as needed. others are welcome to use this module or create a new derived module. you can collaborate to improve this module by providing suggestions and/or feedback on your experiences with this module.

Please see the Creative Commons License regarding permission to reuse this material.

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