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Some general tips on keeping yourself safe while traveling overseas.

Safety and security issues abroad

It is important to think about your personal safety and security issues while you are traveling abroad.

Street safety

While you are abroad, you will have to be particularly street savvy. Gender roles, traffic laws, and drinkinglaws may not be the same as in your home country. As a traveler, it is your responsibility to be observant and cautious.

In many places, pedestrians do not necessarily have the right of way. Traffic laws might not be obeyed. Usecaution on busy city streets, and do not assume that any car, truck, bus, or scooter will stop for you.

Know where you are going when you leave. Just like in any big city, a foreigner holding a huge map could invitetrouble. Take time to study a map before you go out, and get to know your city’s layout and culture.

Observe local behaviors. Cues will be different than what you are used to. In particular, body languageis not universal. Your actions may be interpreted very differently than you intended. For example, Americans often present conflictingbody language to what they say, such as smiling while saying no. Be aware of your own mixed signals.

Remember that safety in numbers is a smart idea wherever you are.

Keeping your valuables safe

Here are some tips to secure your valuables during travel:

  • While you are traveling, you should always wear a money belt or pouch to keep your money, passport, traveler’s checks, and other valuables safe from theft.
  • Buy a padlock for your backpack.
  • Don’t carry everything in one place! You should organize your funds and essential documents into two separatepacks. When in country, one of these packs should always be left at your residence as a back up.
  • If you must carry a purse, use a shoulder strap and keep the purse in front of your body. Carry your wallet in an inside coat orfront pant pocket.
  • Don’t leave your luggage or handbag unattended anywhere. Should you put a backpack down, place it on the floorbetween your legs and wrap a strap around a fixed object.

The law

Foreign travelers abroad are subject solely to the laws of the country they are visiting. They are NOT protectedby their home country laws. You are responsible for obeying all of the laws of the country you are in; INNOVATE cannot intervene ifyou are arrested or prosecuted for violation of local laws, including laws on drug use, currency exchange, and disturbances ofthe peace. What may seem to you like a harmless prank may have serious consequences. Do not assume that, as a foreigner or astudent, you will be treated leniently; the opposite is often the case. Do not count on your home country Consulate or Embassy toassist you except in a superficial advisory capacity. Think before you act!


Be aware of the drug and alcohol laws of your host country. Several countries have extremely strict drug laws;penalties can range from years in prison to death. Be aware that customs officials are extremely thorough in their inspections forsmuggled drugs and are continuously increasing their inspection procedures. If any of your prescription drugs have even smallamounts of illegal substances as part of their composition, have your doctor write a note indicating why that drug is in yourprescription. Even that small amount could get you arrested in another country.

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