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Social sciences


Development issues

Grade 9

Module 2

Approach to development

Approach to development

The level of development varies from country to country. According to these differences, countries can be divided into different categories or groups. Two terms which are often used, are developing and developed countries.

  • Developing countries are still in the process of developing. The economic and social systems have not yet been developed sufficiently. The growth that does take place, is therefore not enough to supply in the needs of the country’s inhabitants. One such example is Angola, where the development of basic services still lags behind that of other countries. Services such as health, housing, transport, education etc. still need to be expanded considerably before the total population will be properly cared for. Even in certain parts of South Africa some of the backlogs have not been met. Can you think of parts of our country where there is room for improvement? Are there similar needs to be found in your own area? What can the government and the inhabitants do about it?
  • Developed countries have already attained a high level of economic and social development, like Germany, The Nederlands and most other European countries. Large parts of the U.S.A., as well as certain areas in South Africa are well-developed. What are some of the typical features of developed countries?

Activity 1:

To become aware of different approaches to development in the rsa

[lo 2.1]

To talk about development, we need certain key concepts. The meanings of these words have to be fully understood to make sure we use them correctly.

Explain the following:

developed and developing countries (also give examples of countries or areas)

sustainable development: what does it mean?

Consult sources such as Caring for the earth South Africa: a strategy for sustainable living , by John Yeld. This is a publication of the South African Nature Foundation (SANF) and the World Conservation Union (IUCN). ISBN 0-62017685-7

cornerstones of sustainability: measures to ensure sustainable development


Explain the concept, and name the implications. Also give your own opinion on the matter (What are your personal feelings, and what solutions do you suggest?)

depopulation of rural areas

Explain what the term means to you, and name the possible consequences. Also give your own opinion on this phenomenon (How do you feel about it, and why? What solutions can you suggest?)

First World (Give examples of “First World countries”, and give reasons why they are called as such.)

Third World (Give examples of Third World countries, with reasons why they are known as such.)

Activity 2:

To distinguish between developing and developedcountries

[lo 2.1]

Make a tick in the appropriate column opposite the name of each country to indicate if it is essentially a developed or developing country. What do you know about these countries to help you decide where to place your tick? It is necessary to gain factual knowledge about the different countries of the world. Chat to each other and to your families at home and find out what they know about each country. Learners who read the daily newspapers or watch news programmes on television, will find it easier to decide whether the following countries fall in the developed or developing category.

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